How To Buy FIFA Coins


A Guide for Comfort Trade Buying Steps and how to get backup Codes from the EA Account



Getting backup codes from the EA

It is easy to lose a phone or the authentication app might fail leaving you will no way of accessing you EA account right?, Incorrect as much as EA annoy us all, they had a little common sense when designing "Back Up Codes" for such situations

Follow the 4 easy steps below that will show you how to find our you back up codes.(Side note you can request new codes also whenever you feel)

  • Step 1: Go to this page and sign into your EA Account
    Login EA Account
  • Step 2: Once logged in find settings then Click on Security
    Security Tab EA Account FIFA
  • Step 3: Click on view back up codes.
    View Back-up Codes FIFA EA
  • Step 4: It will present you with your backup codes which you can keep in a safe place as you will need to pass these codes over to us if you use comfort trade method.(Screenshot them it will make it a lot easier)
    FIFA 20 EA Backup Codes View How to See
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