(1) The ordered products and offers placed by customers through this online store should proceed the following GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE. This online store is a worldwide available platform for buying digital products (hereinafter referred as “product”), made available from a provider (hereinafter referred as “provider”)

(2) The provider does not offer independent any products by himself. The provider mediates the customer order to third parties (hereinafter referred as “supplier”) and therefore will not exists any contract between the provider and customer. The contract is concluded only between customer and the supplier. This services of provider are free for the customer, and only a commission will be received from the supplier.

(3) The language of this contract is English.

(4) The terms and conditions of customers will not be considered even if the provider does not contradicts them.

1) Different products are offers on the store as slider or list and by clicking on the word “Buy” customer is able to purchase a product. After clicking on “Buy” he will be forwarded to the “Checkout” Page. For purchasing is needed to login, register new account or just use the guest checkout. After login successfully, customer can choose his payment methods and purchase the product by clicking on “Buy” on “Checkout” page. By clicking on “Buy” customer is accepting the the contractual conditions and data protection information automatically. Then the customer will be forwarded to the payment site of the choose payment method, and after a successful / not successful payment, he will be proceed back to the “Confirmation” page on the store. In case of successful payment, customer makes a binding offer to purchase the selected product. The provider mediates the order to a supplier, and the supplier will accept the customer's order within 24 hours. By accepting the order by the supplier, is the contract for delivery of the selected product between customer and supplier happen. From now on the supplier is responsible for delivery of the product and the provider as mediator between the supplier and the customer does not influence the contract.

2) The contract text is stored under the data monitor, and is sent to customer by the store automatically in case of successful or not successful payment confirmation and completed order delivery by the supplier (the supplier must confirm completed delivery of product independent by clicking the “Complete” button in his supplier account.

(1) The product delivery would be done in a “in Game” player transaction and the supplier provides therefore two variants. The full informations about this options are described on the store pages.

(2) Option 1: “Player Auction” / “Player Transaction” / “Auction Trade”: Following the store instructions and placing a defined player for defined prices on the transfer market and purchase of this player by a supplier.

(3) Option 2: ”Comfort Trade” / “Comfortable”: The customer provides the supplier his account information. In this way, the supplier will transfer the coins independently and directly to the customers account.

(1) The listed prices on the provider's store page are the final prices.

(2) This payments are paid to the provider directly. The provider takes a commission and transfers the rest of the payment to a supplier.

(3) The payment methods are described on the store footer and in “Checkout” page as payment options.

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