(1) The ordered deliveries and offers placed by customers through the online shop provider should proceed the following these GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE

(2) Customers for buying digital and virtual products (necessary game products) need a worldwide available brokerage platform provided by the supplier. The sellers as a third party provide the products for the customer who are considered to be mediators. All the services are free of charge and the supplier order for the seller.

(3) The terms and conditions of customers will not be considered even if the seller does not object to them.

(4) Completed Contracts in the German version of the Provider Website are completed in German and Contracts completed in the English version of the Provider Website in English. Completed Contracts will be completed on the Chinese version of the Provider's Website in Chinese.

1) Customers can view the options they need to buy on the seller's website and just enter their email address if the customer is willing to buy any of these products. The customer will receive a password from the seller after entering his email. After he can log in with his email and choose the products that he wants. Here he can re-view the selected products and their prices again. The orders can be viewed and changed at any time by the customers. In case that the customer accepts the contractual conditions and data protection information by ticking the box, then the application can be submitted and transmitted. After the payment process, the customer offer to purchase would be recorded and then sold as a third party will be placed by the supplier to accept the customer's order within24 hours. From now on the supplier are a mediator between the seller and the customer does not influence the contract. It is the seller who is obliged to provide the customer with a durable data carrier (e-mail or paper printout) (confirmation of contract) regarding the contract text - after the product has been delivered - to the extent required by law.

2) The contract text is stored under the data monitor.

(1) The product delivery would be done in a Game player transaction and the supplier provides two variants here. The necessary options are described on the provider’s page.

(2) The exchange takes place about 1 to 3 hours after the first player is traded in the transfer market. In the exchange process, the customer can transfer the desired product to his account through the seller’s automatic transaction system.

(3) In the comfort trade, the customer must provide the seller with his account information, including password and back up code. In this way, it is possible to transfer coins directly from the seller to the customer's account, and either party can ship the product within 2 hours of acceptance.

(1) The listed prices on the provider's site page are the final cost and cannot be changed.

(2) This payment must be made with Digital Gaming Network Limited, which receives a commission from the provider and transfers the rest of the purchase price to a third party.

(3) Payment is possible through customer options PayPal, instant bank transfer (klarna) and regular bank transfer.