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New added stadiums to FIFA23

New added stadiums to FIFA23

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02-Sep-2022 FIFA Blog Posts

Explore the newly added stadiums to FIFA 23 in our blog post. Stay ahead of the game with the latest updates. Check it out now!

  • New added stadiums to FIFA23

New added stadiums to FIFA23

FIFA gamers are always eager to learn more about the game so they can make best strategies to earn more FIFA Coins Since we are also gamers, we understand this feeling very well. One of the most interesting features added to FIFA23 is the new stadiums section in FIFA23, which is attractive and full of excitement for every player, that's why we thought it necessary to explain this part in a blog. to buy FIFA coins and prepare for FIFA23, visit the FUT coin buying section on the mrgeek FIFA Coin shop.




It doesn't matter if the stadium where your team plays is small or big, the important thing is that your stadium is a wonderful and attractive stadium. Some of the original stadiums that were previously in FIFA22 are now waiting for us again in FIFA23, although some new stadiums have been added. Brentford Stadium which was launched in January 2022 trailer already shows that this stadium will return to game. Previously, only 4 new stadiums were added in FIFA22. 

FIFA23 is set to offer the series' largest collection of licensed leagues, clubs and stadiums to date, bringing iconic teams from around the world. the list of all the official stadiums of FIFA23 is very long and mentioning the names and information of each of them is a very time-consuming task, so in this article we will mention the names of the stadiums that have been newly added to FIFA23. Following the news, we found that Juventus Stadium has been announced - Ibrox and Celtic Park may follow. The Bundesliga is also getting a new stadium. 

Based on various news and posts on Twitter, we speculate that some stadiums may be in FIFA23, for example, Rangers FC also posted on Twitter, noting that their legendary Ibrox will be in FIFA23, and EA has announced that Glasgow Celtic will be authentic in the game probably also may Celtic Park.

According to the list officially published on the EA website, 5 new stadium and two returning added to the FIFA23 to upgrade the games and we will only tell you their names here:

New STADIUM:  Allianz Stadium, Europa-Park Stadium, Manchester City Academy Stadium, Philips Stadium, Banc of California Stadium, El Sadar stadium.

Stadiums have always been designed to create beautiful FIFA sets as the best game and have always tried to make them comfortable for the players and feel great playing in them. In FIFA23, EA has made every effort to create the stadiums in the best possible way. We all always dream of having a very big stadium with a lot of facilities and spectators, and we also dream of stepping on the grass of the best stadiums in the world, and if we can achieve this dream through the new FIFA23 stadiums, I think we will be very excited. We hope that in the new series, the stadiums created will be designed according to the expectations of us gamers. 

I hope you have enjoyed and used this text. If you are interested in reading the latest FIFA 23 news, you can read the rest of the blogs related to this section.