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A recent update on ONES TO WATCH in FIFA 23

A recent update on ONES TO WATCH in FIFA 23

Stay up-to-date with the latest players to watch in FIFA 23 in this blog post. Discover who made the list and who you should keep an eye on.

As FIFA 22 Ultimate Team's campaign nears its end, we're looking ahead to FIFA 23. It looks like we might be in for some incredible Ones to Watch cards in FIFA 23 after some major deals have already been completed.

What are Ones to Watch cards?

Ones To Watch cards in FIFA are directly related to the transfer market. These cards are for players who have recently changed their team and their performance in their new team will have a direct impact on their overall score. For example, if a player receives the best player award or is in the selected team of the week, their various abilities will be enhanced in the game.

Our very first batch of One to Watch stars have been announced for FIFA 23, including Erling Haaland, Raheem Sterling, Richarlison, and Darwin Nunez. All four of these stars signed for new clubs this summer, with Haaland joining Man City, Nunez joining Liverpool, Richarlison joining Spurs and Sterling joining Chelsea.

The OTW promo is the first major promotion of FIFA Ultimate Team's new season. We're already excited about FIFA 23 and can't wait to begin the new FUT season. The first major event of the year is typically Ones to Watch, and EA has confirmed that they will continue to follow the same schedule. Since OTW cards are dynamic, they can always improve throughout the year through upgrades. They celebrate players who were transferred during the summer transfer window. if a player receives an inform card, the OVR for OTW increases to that rating. if a player receives a MAN of the MATCH cards, the OTW version increases. In fifa 22, there was a first time WINS to watch upgrade. In FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, Ones To Watch player's items are upgraded when they win a qualifying performance-based award (such as Man of the Match or Team of the Week).

Some of the biggest transfers over the summer are about to become FIFA 23 OTW cards, so find out which players made the Ones to Watch list. These cards can be mainstays in your team depending on their real life performances as they can receive upgrades if the player features in the Team of the Week, or if they earn a Man of the Match card. This is different from players in the FIFA 23 Heroes or Icons promotions, as their rating cannot be upgraded. Here’s the current batch of FIFA 23 OTW players revealed so far.

Depending on how their team performs, FUT 23 offers OTW players an additional upgrade option called "Nations to Watch" that is connected to the FIFA World Cup 2022TM. If their national team triumphs in any match at the FIFA World Cup 2022TM, Ones To Watch players will be eligible for a one-time upgrade under Nations to Watch. Regardless of whether they take part in the game or represent their nation's team, OTW players are eligible for the upgrade.

The only way to guarantee you’ll receive an untradeable OTW player in FIFA 23 is to preorder the Ultimate Edition of the game before September 30. It’s worth keeping an eye out in-game for the latest SBCs, some of which have OTW players as rewards. Other than that, you need to open packs during a specific period of time to have a chance of owning one of these cards.

Pay attention A player will no longer be eligible to receive any further upgrades if they leave the squad of the club their item was released for and do not join a new club. And also, the "Wins to Watch" and "Nations to Watch" upgrades are included in this.

We hope we have been able to provide enough information about Ones to Watch in FIFA 23. If you are looking to read more about FIFA 23, I recommend you to refer to our previous blogs on this page. Also, if you want to buy FIFA coins through our website, refer to buy coins section.