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With the release of FIFA 22, the gaming soccer series has gained a monopoly over the football gaming market. Many teenage boys, as well as adult men, find themselves flocking to buy this game and check out all the cool specs of the latest version of the game. Mostly, they want to see and experience the new changes that may have been introduced in its most popular mode of playing: Football Ultimate Team. So far, the only thing that is changed is the fact that the game has deterred some players from spending large sums of money on player packs. This puts those without money to spend at a disadvantage of being stuck with players who have expensive super sides. While spending a large amount of money is an issue buying any coins at all is not a problem—just spend a little less. We, at Mr Geek, feel that the best way to do this is through comfort trading.

What is comfort trading?

Comfort trading is hailed the easier method of delivery on the side of the customer. As a customer, all you have to do is sit back while a supplier takes care of the rest. If you choose Mr Geek as your seller, we will provide you with the best conversion rates. For comfort trading for Xbox One, we will offer you 1K FIFA coins for €0.1. This is a steal!

How does comfort trading work?

You begin the process by getting into touch with a seller, in this case, that is Mr Geek. You start the transaction by paying them the total sum of money you want to buy the player-packs for. The next step would be to provide your seller i.e. us with your account login credentials along with your back-up code. With these details, we can log in only once keeping your account safe from being illegally hacked into.

Once our seller has successfully logged into your account, they can safely transfer the coins via a digitised system. We urge you to only use this method of payment only when you trust that the seller is legitimate and will not steal your coins, leak your information or take advantage of your account details.

Pro tip: You can change your password and security question each time you use comfort trading so you feel more assured of the fact that no one will hack into your account.

What is a back-up code?

While the have been briefly mentioned back-up codes, we will take this section to delve further into what they are. This feature was introduced in the year 2017. Basically, the first time you ever log in, you will be asked to enter a security code. This code is sent to you via an email. After entering this you can allow your browser to remember the account since this way you will not need to continuously enter it in.

If you ever want to change any persona information such as your contact email or your password, you will be issued a new code. This ensures the highest level of safety.

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