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Alles über FIFA 21 - Mr. Geek FUT News

Alles über FIFA 21 - Mr. Geek FUT News

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25-Apr-2020 FIFA Blog Posts

Alles, was Sie über FIFA 21, das Erscheinungsdatum, die Funktionen von FUT 21 wie Gameplay, Grafiken, Aktualisierungen von Karten und Spielern und vieles mehr wissen müssen!


Just like there is bound to be the next day, just like how we know there will be a sunrise after every sun fall, and how there will be 2021 after 2020; you can bet your soul that we will get to see FIFA 2021 real soon. The inevitable, anticipated, and revered game of FIFA 21 is soon to be released and players across the globe are anxious for it to be released. There are a lot of hopes and anticipation attached to the game with fans giving their own opinions as to what the new game should be like or what new features they want to see.

One of the most popular games (especially in the category of football games) in the world, FIFA 21 has its fans sitting on the fence ready to leap at the game just as it is released. We can expect a lot of preorders with a new way for fans to be glued to their consoles or computers to play the famous FIFA 21. Let’s just hope that EA won’t be disappointing their fans.

FIFA by EA sports is an annually released game by Electronic Arts under the label of EA Sports. It is also called FIFA Football and FIFA soccer depending upon the region. The first release of the game was on 15ht December 1993 by the name FIFA international soccer. The game became an immediate sensation and was the only game to have an official license from the international football/soccer governing body FIFA.

Since 1995, EA has been releasing annual versions of FIFA with the latest version being the FIFA 20. The Guardian called FIFA the most popular and best-selling sports videogame of all time which was also recognized by the Guinness Book of World Record. The series has sold over 300 million game copies worldwide. One of the best features of the game that made it immensely popular was that it contained different teams and leagues from around the world; along with its online modes and variety of features such as online matches, acquisition of teams, and earning in-game currency to buy new players and unlock new leagues made it superior to all the game in the similar category.

More than 10 million players have been recorded playing FIFA 20, it has been speculated that even more players will be playing FIFA-21 with the count exceeding as far as 13-15 million players.

We have seen a pattern in the past that EA always releases the new FIFA game on the last Friday of September, so fans are speculating that 25th of September 2020 may be the date when the latest game of the popular series will be released. But due to recent global pandemic of COVID-19, there are rumors going around that the release of the game may be delayed. Fans are still waiting for an official statement from EA but it is yet to come.

$59.99 for the standard pack.
$79.99 for the champions pack.
$99.99 for the ultimate pack.
All editions had perks for preorders as per the pack. According to FIFAplay, the price for FIFA 21 may range anywhere from:

$54.99 for the standard pack.
$69.99 for the champions pack.
$99.99 for the ultimate pack.
Although they seem similar to the price for FIFA 20 but these are unconfirmed prices. With the current pandemic, experts are speculating that the revered game may be released at a lowered price in comparison to its predecessor.

Though there is no official release, the players who preorder the game will be able to enjoy playing the game three days before the official release with standard perks associated with each pack.

Though not confirmed, players and experts are anticipating a few new features and changes they hope to see in the new version of FIFA. In the past, FIFA has been criticized for being the same game released over and over again with not much of a difference. In reality, numerous features that can only be noticed by regular players have been made part of the game with FUT 20 being the best one thus far. Online trade of players with different categories, classes and purchasing and unlocking new players with regular gameplay and achievements in something that is more than what meets the eye.

Again, you have to be a regular player to actually notice these differences. Some features that players are expecting and others they have on their wish list are:

Cross-play with other platforms.
Better visuals and better customization options.
Ability to choose and customize the AI that controls the other players to suit your style.
Ultimate team filters for special cards.
Improvements in career mode.
New icons for characters.
Improvements in the street mode Volta.
Virtual Assistance referee.
More official clubs and leagues with new players added.
For now, we have to be patient and hope that we will hear more about this from EA. But due to recent events (Coronavirus pandemic), it is better to not speak so soon.

With the release of Playstation 5 and X-box series-X to be expected soon, we can anticipate that we will be seeing F

IFA 21 released for the new console with the possibility of slightly higher cost in comparison to the version for PS4 or X-box 360. Since the game is expected to release on 25th September which is before the launch of these two consoles, we know that it will be released for both versions of both the consoles.


But owning it on the later versions of the consoles may possibly be slightly more expensive, as the players won’t only be playing for the game but the console as well. Not to mention that the majority of players would have begun their gameplay on previous versions of the consoles, making the transition to the next one slightly expensive and difficult. It is speculated that the consoles may range in between 450-500 for both Dollars and Pounds. With fewer players in the start, those on PS5 can get their position strong due to low competition, but if they are planning to save money for that time, they may miss out on the fun early on. Both prospects have their own perks; it just varies with the needs of a player and how long they can hold on before they give in to the temptation.

Form what we know thus far, FIFA 20 will be available for PS4 and PS5, X-box-360 and X-series. It can also be available for Nintendo Switch but that is still not confirmed by any official sources.

In the end, we can only hope that the global pandemic of Coronavirus may end real soon so the world may get back to its track and thing go back to normal as soon as they can. For now, the fear of delay in the release of our beloved and highly anticipated game looms in the air. Only time will tell what will become of the situation, but we are keeping our hopes high for the best. Fingers crossed.