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Buy FIFA 21 Coins for PC

FIFA 21 for PC comes in three different editions in EA's shop. If you plan to buy FIFA 21 for PC, you better have some clue of the differences between these editions.

FIFA 21 Standard Edition

The standard edition of FIFA has the base game, just like any other edition; it doesn't have any other options though, so, if you're interested in other options in FIFA such as FUT Kits or Packs, you better have a look at other editions.

FIFA 21 for PC - Champions Edition

Champions edition of FIFA has an Icon Loan Item, which enables the users to loan players for a certain period of time. This edition also allows for usage of FUT Kits which are the strips that you use in your home and away matches. Additionally, the champions edition comes with five rare gold packs. It saves a lot of FUT 21 coins when you need those packs.

PC FIFA 21 - Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate edition of FUT 20 has all of the Champions Edition's items with a small difference that it comes with 10 rare gold packs. Most FIFA gamers prefer the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 21.

Cheap PC FIFA coins to buy

If you wonder where to find cheap FIFA coins for PC, we recommend taking a look at the price table of MrGeek. MrGeek offers the market's cheapest FUT coins because the revolutionary automated system makes it hassle-free to transfer coins to your account. On this page, you can choose the right method (player auction and comfort trade) for buying PC FIFA Coins. If you need some guidance in choosing the right coin transfer method, it's recommended to read MrGeek's comprehensive FAQ page.

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