How to find my EA email ?


Different Names:

Origin Account / Account / FUT Account / FIFA Ultimate Team Account / EA email 


Before you find  your informations, you need to know which email are you using for your account, with that you play on your FIFA Ultimate Team.

Step 1 open your FIFA on your console or PC.


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Step 2 scroll right in the menu to customise.


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Step 3 open online setting.


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Step 4 open EA account.


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Step 5 here you will find your public ID, your email address associated with your EA account and your join date.




If need help to reset your password, just navigate to this tutorial: How reset EA FUT / Origin account password?

If need help to find our your Backup Codes, just navigate to this tutorial: "How to find Backup Codes for FUT Account / Origin Account"

Once you have your Origin Login, you can just find our your Backup Codes and start your FIFA Coins transfer on