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Best EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Full Backs

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Author Aaron Daniels
03 Apr 2024 FIFA Blog Posts

Best EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Full Backs

Explore the best EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Full Backs. Enhance your lineup with Mr. Geek's expert picks and strategies!

  • EA FC 24 Full Back
  • FC 24 Ultimate Team High Rated Full Back Players
  • Best EA FC 24 Ultimate Team meta full-backs 
  • Conclusion


  • Strategic Defense: Full-backs are a critical component in EA FC 24, essential for defending against agile wingers and contributing to a dynamic attack.
  • Regular Roster Updates: The game consistently introduces high-rated full-backs, encouraging players to regularly update their teams with the latest LBs, RBs, LWBs, and RWBs to stay competitive. 
  • Ultimate Team Enhancements: With continuous content updates featuring promos and events, players have access to elite full-backs like Ona Batlle and Sakina Karchaoui, who can significantly boost team performance in Ultimate Team mode.

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EA FC 24 Full Back

Full-back is one of the most important positions in EAFC 24, with the need to defend from tricky wingers ever-present. in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, securing a strong lineup of fullbacks is key to a solid defense and dynamic attack. With the game frequently updating its roster with elite fullbacks, it's wise to continually enhance your team. Focus on acquiring the most effective LBs, RBs, LWBs, and RWBs to ensure your squad remains at the forefront of the meta in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.
The Ultimate Team mode in EA FC 24 keeps rolling out fresh content consistently. It's been enriched with various promos and events, introducing amazing player items that can greatly enhance most teams. To stand a chance at excelling and climbing the ranks in Champs, it's crucial to bolster every position with top-notch cards, particularly fullbacks.

FC 24 Ultimate Team High Rated Full Back Players

Ona Batlle (FC Barcelona) RB 95
Sakina Karchaoui (PSG) LB 95
Jeremie Frimpong (Bayer Leverkusen) RB 94
Theo Hernandez (AC Milan) LB 94
Paolo Maldini (Italy) LB 94
Ferland Mendy (Real Madrid) LB 93
Carlos Alberto (Brazil) RB 93
Bixente Lizarazu ) Bundesliga (LWB 93
Fridolina Rolfo ) Barcelona(LB 94
Sonia Bompastor ) D1 Arkema(LB 92
Roberto Carlos ) Roberto Carlos(LB 92
Philipp Lahm ) Germany(RB 92
Cafu  ) Brazil( RWB92
Ronaldo Araujo ) Barcelona(RB91

Best EA FC 24 Ultimate Team meta full-backs 

The top-performing full-backs in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team are always evolving with the introduction of new promos in the game.
Sakina Karchaoui ) PSG(LB 95
Fridolina Rolfo    )Barcelona(LB92
Theo Hernandez) A.C. Milan(LB94
Jeremie Frimpong)Bayer Leverkusen(    RWB94
Selma Bacha    )Lyon(    LB91
Ronald Araujo    )Barcelona(RB91
Alphonso Davies)Bayern Munich(LB87
Joao Cancelo    )Barcelona(RB89
Reece James    )Chelsea(    RB88
Bixente Lizarazu    )Bundesliga(LWB93


In the dynamic world of EA FC 24, the role of full-backs is pivotal, blending defense with attack to shape the outcome of every match. The game's continuous updates bring a stream of elite full-backs, making it essential for players to keep their squads up-to-date with the latest and most effective LBs, RBs, LWBs, and RWBs. The Ultimate Team mode is enriched with promos and events, offering high-rated players like Ona Batlle, Sakina Karchaoui, and Jeremie Frimpong, who can significantly enhance team performance. To excel in Champs and climb the ranks, it's crucial to invest in these top-notch defenders. The meta evolves, but the importance of securing the best full-backs remains constant, ensuring your team stays competitive in the ever-changing landscape of EA FC 24 Ultimate Team.