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EA FC 24 Tackling Guide: Tips and Tricks

EA FC 24 Tackling Guide: Tips and Tricks

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14-Mar-2024 FIFA Blog Posts

EA FC 24 Tackling Guide: Tips and Tricks to defense effectively in EA Sports FC 24 Game

  • Tips for effective tackling in EA FC 24 Defense
  • How to use the Jockey button
  • FC 24 tackling controls
  • EA FC slide tackle
  • FC 24 Standing Tackle
  • EA FC R1 standing tackle
  • EA Sports FC Advanced defending
  • Conclusion
  • Which players are best suited for the Slide Tackle PlayStyle, and what position benefits most from it in EA FC 24?

Tips for effective tackling in EA FC 24 Defense

in EA Sports FC 24 is very important in the development of the game. Defending in EA FC 24 can be tough sometimes, and just using the jockey button may not suffice. In this situation, the best solution is to use fc 24 tackle. Therefore, below we will explain the tips on using different tackles in fc 24 so that you can have the best game experience by choosing the best tackle in ea sport fc 24. and if you need to FIFA Coins you can check out Buy FC Coins on


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How to use the Jockey button

Utilizing the Jockey feature remains a crucial defensive tactic in EA FC 24, just as it was last year. Engaging the jockey will enhance your defender's positioning relative to the attacker, facilitating easier ball interception. on PlayStation, the Jockey action is assigned to the L2 button, while on Xbox, it corresponds to the LB button. This can be effectively combined with the sprint action, which is the R2 button on PlayStation and the RB button on Xbox. However, exercise caution as this combination may reduce your player's agility, which is particularly noticeable when marking swift wingers.
While the jockey button proves to be effective in EA FC 24, it's not the sole technique for robust defense. Now, let's explore the various tackling methods available in FIFA 24 to further enhance your defensive game.

FC 24 tackling controls

To tackle effectively in EA FC24, you need to know the basics. There are three main tackles: the slide tackle, the standing tackle, and a new advanced setting that changes your contain into a tackle. To slide tackle, press square on PlayStation or X on Xbox. For a standing tackle, use circle on PlayStation or B on Xbox. And to contain, press X on PlayStation or A on Xbox.

EA FC slide tackle

In EA FC 24, the slide tackle offers another defensive option, but it comes with higher risks compared to the standing tackle. It's best reserved as a last resort, yet there are scenarios where it can be particularly effective. The slide tackle shines when your opponent is on a counterattack or has pushed the ball too far ahead. Ideally, approach from the side or slightly behind your opponent for optimal execution. However, be cautious as mistimed slide tackles can result in yellow or red cards. Avoid unnecessary risks and refrain from overusing this maneuver.

Which players are best suited for the Slide Tackle PlayStyle, and what position benefits most from it in EA FC 24?

The Slide Tackle PlayStyle is ideally suited for defenders in EA FC 24. This PlayStyle enables defenders to halt the ball in its tracks with a slide tackle and swiftly transition into an offensive play, which is particularly advantageous for initiating counterattacks. Defenders with superior slide tackling and defensive abilities will find this PlayStyle greatly amplifies their effectiveness on the field.
As for the players who possess the Slide Tackle PlayStyle, it's typically those who have a reputation for frequently executing slide tackles with success. The designation of this PlayStyle isn't strictly tied to the in-game FC 24 statistics; rather, it reflects the real-world prowess and track record of the footballers.

FC 24 Standing Tackle

The standing tackle is a fundamental defensive move in EA FC 24 and is widely regarded as the most effective tackling technique. It's particularly useful when an opponent is close to your goal or when you're in a one-on-one situation and need to regain possession. Its straightforward execution makes it a go-to move in various scenarios.
However, while the standing tackle is versatile and can be employed across the field, it's not without risks. A missed attempt can leave a significant gap in your defense, offering the opponent an opportunity to exploit. Therefore, it's crucial to time you're standing tackles carefully and avoid overcommitting to prevent leaving your team vulnerable.

EA FC R1 standing tackle

In EA FC 24, besides the regular standing tackle, there's an advanced version known as the R1 standing tackle. To perform it, hold R1 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox while attempting a standing tackle. This action unleashes a more forceful tackle, but it comes with a high risk. It's important to use this tackle judiciously, as it can lead to severe in-game penalties. Therefore, it's generally recommended to avoid using the R1 standing tackle unless absolutely necessary.

EA Sports FC Advanced defending

EA FC 24 introduces the Advanced Defending feature, transforming how players tackle in the game. With this setting enabled, the traditional tackle buttons—X on PlayStation and A on Xbox—now trigger a shoulder charge. This method is not only effective for ball retrieval but also minimizes the likelihood of fouls. The shoulder charge is best used when your defender is running parallel to the attacker, particularly close to the sidelines. The physical superiority of defenders in the game often gives them an edge in these situations, allowing for successful dispossession. Remember, a robust physical stat is essential to pull off this maneuver effectively.


Mastering defense in EA Sports FC 24 is crucial for gameplay success. The blog outlines essential defensive tactics, including the use of the Jockey button for improved positioning and interception, and the various tackling techniques—slide, standing, and the new shoulder charge. It emphasizes the importance of timing and strategic use of tackles to avoid penalties and maintain a strong defense. The blog also highlights the Slide Tackle PlayStyle, suited for defenders to initiate counterattacks, and the Advanced Defending feature, which introduces a shoulder charge for effective ball retrieval with minimal fouls. For those looking to enhance their game experience, understanding and applying these defensive strategies is key.