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FIFA21 Tips & Tricks

FIFA21 Tips & Tricks

Get ahead in FIFA 21 with expert tips and tricks! Improve your gameplay, learn new strategies, and dominate the competition with our comprehensive guide.

We at MrGeek have made a little Tips & Tricks guide to help you with FIFA ultimate team. Read on for a few tips from the pro's that could help you within FIFA Ultimate Team game mode.



FIFA 21 is a simple game when you break it down into parts. You need to score more goals than your opponent to win the game. Sometimes though, it doesn’t feel so simple it can seem like the game is playing against you. FIFA 21 is the ultimate bragging rights game you win you get Hyped you lose and you get MAD, and that just dials the pressure on you up even more when you are trying to get all these little details in-game correct. If you’re looking for help getting started or ways to take your game to the next level, these FIFA 21 tips might be what you need.


Know Your Players


In FIFA 21 every player is different, and if you’re going to be using a squad on either Ultimate Team, Career Mode, or Online you will know your best first XI. For most people, this just means knowing their overall rating and position, but to get the best out of your players, it takes a bit more depth. Check which players are right-footed and left-footed, and try not to play right footers on the left if you plan on going down the wing. In Midfield you need CM's with HIGH/HIGH work rates and LB/RB with HIGH/HIGH workrates.

You should also check their your players skill ability so that you don’t try an do step overs with someone who can’t perform them as you will end up losing the ball and look silly, their speed you need to know so you can see if they are able to rush past their defenders, and anything else that suits your style of play. If you like crossing the ball then have wingers with good crossing stats and then ST with good heading stats and physical.

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Prioritise Speed


Always pick players with the best speed stats. This isn't a solid rule to follow as for example defenders don't tend to need pace of 90+ but when you have attackers they need to have speed to get in behind defenders or make a quick run past the defenders as counter attacking is super productive.

The best thing speedy players can be used for is counter attacks. This is one of the most common tactics as it's super effective so when you get the chance to run at an opponent do it and try to score from the counter attack. When you see a teammate making a run into space, fire the ball into the space. Counter attacking football just needs you to be bold enough to let your fastest players do their thing.

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Don’t Always Sprint


Because of the huge meta of speed so many players will sprint absolutely everywhere as much as they can. This aggressive style of play is very effective but only for around two-thirds of the game. After that, the players with low stamina get too tired which will not only mean they can’t sprint as much and it also damages the rest of their game as they can do stuff like more reckless tackles, misjudge their passes, and miss more shots that they should score. Sprinting also makes it much harder to turn,do skill moves and pass quickly. Only sprint when you're defending a counter attack or when you are running into open space. When the ball is knocking around the middle of the park don't worry about it.

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Since you should not be sprinting in all places, jockeying is something you can do. You jockey by using LT/L2, that makes the person who you are controlling take a reduced centre of gravity position, and move side to side to keep close to the person you are marking making it harder for them to get past you are make a pass,It is much slower though, so only jockey once you’re close to the opponent.

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Use The Radar

The radar can be turned on in the menu, and it lets you know where all players are on the pitch. If you use a zoomed in camera, you often can’t see if there’s a teammate free out wide, or if the opponent has over committed from the back. Use this to your advantage.

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Whip Your Crosses In


If you’ve played FIFA 20, this might seem like such a simple bit of advice. Crosses were completely unusable in the last version of the game and impossible to score from. But in FIFA 21 they’ve been reworked so they are now easier to score from, as well as being much more accurate so this gives you another way of scoring.