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A step-by-step guide on purchasing EA FC Coins safely, featuring a secure and ban-free transfer

Reading time: approx 5 Min
Author Aaron Daniels
26 May 2024 FIFA Blog Posts

How to buy EA FC Coins without getting banned?

In this article, you'll learn how to keep your EA FC account safe when buying EA FC Coins, with tips on choosing a reliable shop, using secure transfer methods, and maintaining strong account security.

  • Let’s start from scratch, what is a ban?
  • Can I get banned for buying FC coins?
  • Conclusion

Even if you’re new to the FC game, it’s not very unknown that EA has strict policies about coin distribution which could lead to some account limitations and well, the infamous bans.

In this article, we'll dive into the safest methods to buy FC Coins so you can make sure you can upgrade your team and gaming experience without facing a ban. 
Whether you're new to the game or a professional player, these tips will help you make informed decisions and keep your account secure.

Let’s start from scratch, what is a ban?

In general, EA has two types of bans; soft band and hard ban (market ban) there’s also a third type of suspension that is usually mistaken for ban which is called “coin wipe” 
We’ll explain each of these below

  • Soft ban: This ban usually happens when you have played too many matches a day and have exceeded EA’s limits, this ban is temporary and will be lifted automatically within 24 hours, if you receive a DNF during Softban, it will reset.
  • Coin wipe: If EA finds irregular or illegal actions from your account such as sending Coins to someone, you may get a warning to your email address. In this situation your current amount of Coins will be taken away. However, you can still use your transfer market, so this is not what we know as “ban”, this is called a “coin reset” or a “coin wipe” 
  • Hard ban or market ban: this is usually what’s intended when we’re talking about EA FC bans. If EA checks your account and it is found that your account has crossed EA rules in a large level, within the 24-48 hours, you might receive an email by EA stating that your account is banned from accessing transfer market on EA FC web app. this ban is longer than softban and could last until the next season of the game, but it will eventually be lifted. However, as scary as it sounds, there are ways where you can be absolutely sure than you don’t have to worry about this ban, ever. 


Can I get banned for buying FC coins?

While buying Coins may look like a form of “Coin distribution”, if done correctly, there is 0% risk of getting banned. If you know anything about the different methods and systems of coin transfer, you must know that automatic systems have zero chance of mistake and use ways that will never trigger any of EA sensors. However, if you’re still paranoid, there are some tips you can use to always be extra sure that you will never face a problem through your coin shopping journey.

1. Choose the safest shop 

  • as basic as it sounds, this is the most crucial part. You are not only investing your money but also your account and the team you have put effort into making. do your research, check reviews on trusted websites and contact their support team, ask them questions, check their validity FAQs, rules and terms of service. After you’ve made your decision, do a small purchase at first, if everything went well you can aim higher. 
  •   When you have found a shop that matches your taste and guarantees your safety, stick to that shop, it is not a very safe decision to be adventurous in coin shopping, let’s not forget that scammers could be one website away. 
  •  Make sure the shop has a guarantee and will compensate you if anything goes wrong, this is a way you can also test their reliability. 

2.  Be aware of the transfer method

  •   There are different types of coin transferring methods, the main two methods that are usually used in the market are “player auction” and “comfort trade”
  •   The player auction method does not require your account info or an unlocked transfer market, but this method is not automatic and needs your assistance.
  •    Comfort trade method or comfortable trade method is a fully automatic method of transferring Coins, this makes it the safest and easiest method in the market.

3. Do not make multiple transfers in one day

  •  Based on the amount of your transfers it’s safer to keep 18-24 hours between your transfers.
  •  Talk to the support team or live chat and ask their safety consultant about your transfer history and the ideal time gaps in between your transfers.
  • A good coin shop which values your safety and their own reputation will always be honest with you to keep you satisfied and safe at all times. 

4. Spend your Coins!

  •  It’s usually recommended to spend your Coins fast after the transfer, you can buy a player and sell them later and store your Coins this way. 

5. Mum’s the word! 

  •  If you ever contact EA about anything, never mention anything about coin shopping or transferring Coins.

6. Beware the hackers!

  • Last but not least, always beware the hackers. You may do everything right with your account and a hacker could make it all go wrong, avoid hackers at all times, how? 
  •  Choose very strong passwords, use all types of regular and capital letters, symbols and digits, change your password routinely and after each transfer.
  •  Login to your EA security and check devices that are logged into your account and untrust any devices that are not yours.
  •  Create new back up codes routinely and after each transfer.


Doing all of these, you can rest assured that you will face no problems with your FC Coins journey. How ever if you do the number one step carefully and choose a reliable shop, you don’t have to worry about anything.
On MrGeek there is nothing we value more than safety. We are honest and will consult you about the safe amounts to transfer, time gaps and security. We use the latest and safest transfer methods with fully automatic systems. You will be in charge and enter everything directly into the system so your data remains private at all times. If you have any concerns or questions about this or your account safety during the transfers, we are one message away. Contact us on live chat right now.