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EA Sports FC 24 main menu with the Ultimate Team mode selected, showcasing the Soccer Aid team option in the Club section.

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Author Nick Rutherford
10 Jun 2024 FIFA Blog Posts

How To Get Soccer Aid in EA FC 24?

This blog provides a comprehensive guide to understanding and accessing the Soccer Aid team in the game. Discover the key players, learn how to navigate the game’s menu to find Soccer Aid, and understand the limitations and special features associated with this philanthropic team. By following the step-by-step instructions, you can seamlessly include Soccer Aid in your Ultimate Team, enjoying both the thrill of virtual football and contributing to a good cause.

  • What is Soccer Aid in EA Sports FC 24?

In EA Sports FC 24, getting Soccer Aid can be an exciting opportunity for players to enhance their gaming experience. Soccer Aid, representing the charity team in the game, can add a unique aspect to the gameplay, providing an opportunity for players to engage with philanthropic efforts while enjoying the virtual football experience.

Before we get into the FC 24 guide to get Soccer Aid, let's answer to some of the most important questions about EA Sports FC 24 Soccer Aid.

What is Soccer Aid in EA Sports FC 24?

Soccer Aid in EA Sports FC 24 likely represents a charitable component within the game, possibly connected to real-life philanthropic events such as the Soccer Aid charity match organized by UNICEF UK.

Is Soccer Aid available in EA FC 24?

Unfortunately, there is only one kit for the Soccer Aid team in the game, making it nearly impossible to play with the team.

How can players access Soccer Aid in EA Sports FC 24?

To access Soccer Aid in EA Sports FC 24, players may need to perform specific in-game actions. This could include unlocking achievements, making progress within the game, or taking part in designated events or challenges.

What does Soccer Aid offer in EA Sports FC 24?

Soccer Aid in EA Sports FC 24 could potentially offer distinctive content, features, or advantages within the game, which might be associated with charitable initiatives or special in-game rewards.

Can you transfer players from Soccer Aid in FC 24?

The information provided about transferring players from Soccer Aid to a different team does not accurately reflect the game mechanics. Players cannot transfer individual players from a charity team like Soccer Aid to other clubs in the game.

FC 24 Soccer aid players

Usain Bolt, Sir Mo Farah Roman Kemp, Martin Compston and Steven Bartlett joining footballers Jermain Defoe, Jill Scott, David James, Gary Cahill, Joe Cole and Karen Carney.

Step-by-Step Guide for Getting Soccer Aid in EA Sports FC 24

Step 1: Accessing the Game

Launch EA Sports FC 24 and navigate to the main menu.

Step 2: Navigating to Soccer Aid

From the main menu, select the "Ultimate Team" mode.

Navigate to the "Club" section within Ultimate Team.

Step 3: Obtaining Soccer Aid

Look for the "Soccer Aid" option within the Club section.

Access the Soccer Aid team and acquire the kit associated with it.

Players should keep in mind that Soccer Aid only has one kit in real life due to being a charity team, and this is accurately reflected in the game. Additionally, as per the real-life representation of organizations in the game, permission from Soccer Aid is necessary to add a second kit.


The guide outlines the key details about Soccer Aid in FC 24, including how to access the team, the limitations on kit availability, and the potential benefits or features it may offer. By following the step- by-step instructions, players can seamlessly integrate the Soccer Aid team into their gameplay, further enriching their overall experience with EA Sports FC 24.