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How to Recover Your disappeared FC 24 Coins and Points?

How to Recover Your disappeared FC 24 Coins and Points?

Learn how to recover your disappeared FC 24 coins and points on Mr. Geek's blog. Get back your lost virtual currency with our step-by-step guide.

How to Fix the FC 24 Coins and Points Glitch: A Simple Solution

If you are an avid ea sports fc gamer, you know the importance of fc 24 coins and how annoying it is when your hard-earned fc coins disappear.  Although the value and importance of fifa 24 coins are not hidden from most of the fc gamers, but here we briefly explain their use. In fact, fifa coins or ea sport fc coins are in-game currencies that can be used to purchase player packs, new players for your team, and other in-game item. Therefore, if these in-game money suddenly disappears, in fact, many of your functions in the game, which will improve the quality of the game, will be disrupted, the frustration of losing in-game currency can be disheartening, but fear not, this is a common issue that affects many players and there are some solutions you can try to get your coins back. In this guide, we will show you how to recover your lost coins.

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Before we talk about the reasons for the disappearance of fc coins, I would like to point out that you must buy fc 24 coins from reputable websites that have a large number of customers, because one of the reasons for the disappearance of fifa coins can be hacked by websites May you have bought coins from them.
To recover your lost FIFA 24 coins, you must check EA server status, restart EA FC 24, check your transaction history, Additionally, you can wait for a while, and contact EA support.

Check FC 24 Server Status

The first thing you should do is to check the server status of EA Sports FC 24 for any known issues that might be affecting your coin balance. You can check the server status by going to the EA website or following their social media accounts for updates. If the server issues are confirmed, then you can wait for them to be fixed and your coins should come back. But if the server issues are not the cause, then you'll have to try something else.


Restart EA Sports FC 24

Usually simple problems will be fixed by restarting. To restart in different consoles, restart with the following methods. you can try restarting the game to fix it. Just exit the game on your PlayStation or Xbox console and start it again. For PC users, use Alt + F4 or Task Manager to quit the game. Then open EA Sports FC 24 from Origin or the EA Desktop App.

check your transaction history

If you still don't have your coins, then you should check your transaction history. This will show you if someone else bought or traded anything on your account. To see your transaction history, go to Ultimate Team mode in FIFA and choose "My Club" > "Club" > "Transaction History".
If you see any strange activity or transactions that you didn't do, then someone may have hacked your account. You'll have to secure your account and get your coins back.

Wait for A While

Server problems or other things can make your coins take longer to show up. If that happens, then you should be patient and check your balance later. If you already looked at the server status and restarted the game, then you might have to wait for a few hours or a day. But if you still don't see your coins after waiting, then you need to try something else.

Contact EA Support

If nothing works and you still don't have your coins, then you need to contact EA Support for more help and investigation. You can reach EA Support on their website. Give them as much details as you can about your account and the coins you lost. This will make it easier and faster for them to find out what happened.

What should I do if the fc 24 points disappear?

Did you buy FIFA 24 Points and not receive them? First, make sure your purchase was successful by looking at your transaction history on the platform you bought them on. Then, log out of FUT or VOLTA and log in again. This might help your account sync with the transaction and get your FC Points.
If you still don't see them, you need some details to find out what happened. you need:

your purchase receipts

your persona name (ID, PlayStation™ Network Online ID, Xbox Live gamertag) where your Points are missing
the date you bought the Points
the number of Points you didn't get
any other information about your problem.
When you have these details ready, contact EA Support.