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Is Buying FIFA Coins Safe

Is Buying FIFA Coins Safe?

Is buying FIFA Coins Safe? Is it legal to buy FUT 23 Coins? Is there a tool to check safety before transferring FIFA Coins? All the answers here!

Many gamers want to know if buying FIFA Coins is safe or if their account would get banned or penalized by EA if they practice buying FIFA coins from a seller website.

The short answer is that, it is risky. There is a possibility of ban in every FIFA Coin transfer. But, under some circumstances, you can stay on the safe side and have a successful coin transfer without any problem. In this article, we will explain a lot about how to do it safely to avoid future headache.




Limitations of Buying FIFA Coins

There are a couple of limitations applied by EA regarding FUT coin transfer. Just so you know, FIFA Points are meant to be bought from EA. But the downside of FIFA points is that you can't use them to buy players in Transfer Market. On the other hand, FIFA 23 Coins (which can be used to buy and sell players in T.F) are prohibited by EA to be bought with real money, but this, is just the tip of the iceberg. What's behind this rule, are a set of several unwritten rules about FIFA Coin transfer. In general, EA is targeting suspicious transactions and warns the account owner about the unusual activity. And if you do the same after you've got a warning, you'd get your account banned and all your FUT coins wiped out.

What are the Unwritten Rules about FUT Coin Transfer?

There are several rules that MrGeek has discovered through experience. The key factors that have a role in your account's safety while transferring coins are:

  1. Console (PS4 / PS5, Xbox, PC)
  2. Account's age
  3. How many games played
  4. How many games won
  5. How often trades on the Transfer Market
  6. Previous warnings

Each of these factors have their own logic and limitations that makes your account safe or unsafe for transferring FIFA Coins.


Is IT legal TO Buy FIFA Coins?

Sure, Buying FIFA Coins is  legal, because you're paying for a service and in return the website will transfer coins to your game's account. There is no violation of law in this.

But as we explained earlier, some EA rules avoid systematic trade / purchase of FIFA Coins and that's why they have set some rules for transactions. And if you're buying from a well-reputed website such as MrGeek, you will be in good hands and never face any warning or ban and also you will not break any rules because MrGeek knows the limits very well.

Finally, stay safe and enjoy your FIFA Coins!