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Guide on obtaining Lamine Yamal in FC 24, featuring the virtual representation of the Barcelona young player in action.

Reading time: approx 4 Min
Author Nick Rutherford
29 May 2024 FIFA Blog Posts

How to get Lamine Yamal in FC 24?

Unlock the potential of Lamine Yamal in FC 24 with our step-by-step guide. Learn the secrets to acquiring this Barcelona wonderkid and adding his exceptional talent to your squad. Enhance your gameplay with Yamal's skills today!

  • Lamine Yamal's Journey

Lamine Yamal's Journey

Lamine Yamal, a young talent from Spain; In the real football world, this emerging talent has quickly risen to the top with speed, skill and adaptability in various attacking areas, to the point where he is compared to prominent players and introduced as a young talent and hopeful prospect in Spain. But his absence in the virtual football world of EA SPORT FC 24 has drawn the attention of professional Gamers and fans to this star, turning him into a special star.

Brief Biography of Lamine Yamal:
  • Name: Lamine Yamal Nasraoui Ebana
  • Born: July 13, 2007
  • Birthplace: Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain
  • Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 11 in)
  • Position: Winger
  • Club: Barcelona Jersey
  • Number: 27

Born in Esplugues de Llobregat, Barcelona, Catalonia, Lamine Yamal grew up in Granollers and Mataró. When Yamal was seven years old, his family moved to Barcelona where he joined the FC Barcelona's youth academy. If you want to learn more about this player, check out Wikipedia.

Why can't I find Lamine Yamal in EA FC 24?

Many gamers are looking to get this player in EA SPORT FC 24 after seeing the remarkable impact of the young player of FC Barcelona, but they are facing problems because this young player is not included in the game.

The important question is: why?

The reason for the absence of the young star of Barcelona club in FC 24 is EA Sports' policy of not using players under the age of 17 in this game and Lamina Yamal is only 16 years old.

So, to see this talented player in the virtual world of football, you have to wait until he is 17 years old and follow his progress in the real world, or by reading the rest of this article, create him in FC 24.

How to create Lamine Yamal in EA SPORT FC 24?

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to learn how to make his look as an animation in game that works perfectly synced with the running style of Lamine Yamal.

  • Step 1: Let's start with: Info section & Athletic section: Body Modeling

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  • Step 2: We move on to the head: Tone and complexion

Choose the second one of the three levels of Tone & complexion then choose the selected square in the picture below.

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  • Step 3: Brows

Choose the Model, Color and Morph like the picture below

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  • Step 4: Eyes

From the second row, select fourth column from left to right (or fifth from right to left) other details such as color are also shown in the picture.

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  • Step 5: Nose

Choose the selected square in the picture and follow up with the highlighted details like before.

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  • Step 6: Mouth

Choose the last column from the second row and for the Morph part you can follow up with the details below.

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  • Step 7: Cheeks & Jaw

For the shape you can select the second column from the second row. Details for the Morph section is shown in the picture, you can also adjust the Fullness.

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  • Step 8: Chin

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  • Step 9: Ears

There are three parts that you can edit, you can also edit the size and the details under the Morph part. 

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  • Step 10: Hair

You want to select Medium Hair from all the Hair levels. For the style you can choose the fourth column, second row from right to left. 

For the color we have black, dark & light brown, but it's better to select the light brown one to show his blonde-ish highlights. 

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  • Step 11: Facial Hair

you gussed it, you can select None.

  • Step 12: Kit

There are three parts, you can select each of them according to the details displayed in the picture below. 

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  • Step 13: Boots and accessories

The selected square is the newest set of boots he is wearing. 

You can leave the Gloves & Wrists part unchanged or select None. 

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  • Step 14: Animations

For his Goal Celebration, you can choose as you like or set it on random Celebration because he doesn't have a significant or distinct Goal Celebration yet. We can wait to see him score more Goals so that we can be sure to choose his style. 

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  • Step 15: Set Piece Style

For the Free Kick Style, you can set it on default, and you can choose anything you prefer for the Penalty Kick Style, we have set it on default here.

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  • Step 16: Running Style 

The Medalist is the closest to his actual running style. 

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  • Step 17: Attributes: Attack & Skill

You can use the slider to set each part. All details are shown in the picture. 

You can do the same for the next couple of steps. 

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  • Step 18: Attributes: Defending & goalkeeper

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  • Step 19: Attributes: Movement & Mentality

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Overall, getting Lamine Yamal in FC 24 is easier than scoring an open goal. Follow the steps, and you'll have this Barcelona starlet dazzling on your team in no time. Enjoy the game and may your virtual Yamal score more hat-tricks than your snacks disappear during a match!

For the full guide, check out MrGeek's blog.