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EA Sports FC 24 Icon players collage featuring Pele, Zidane, and Ronaldinho in action.

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Author Dan Hahner
08 Jun 2024 FIFA Blog Posts

How to get icon players in FC 24?

Unlock the legends of football in EA Sports FC 24. Discover tips and strategies to acquire Icon players like Pele, Zidane, and Ronaldinho for your ultimate team. Dive into the world of FC 24 and build a squad with the all-time greats.

  • What IS FC 24 Icon Players?
  • What are the most secure and best ways to get icon players in FC 24?
  • Conclusion

ever wondered how it would be if you had a certain legendary player playing in your FC FUT team? if you have watched Harry Potter, having a FC 24 player icon on your team is like using the “Expecto Patronum” spell. Icon players can transform your squad with their exceptional skills and unique chemistry boosts. Whether you're just starting out or already a professional player, this guide will show you the best ways to get icon players.

What IS FC 24 Icon Players?

  • Icon players in FC 24 are legendary footballers who have made significant impacts on football sport but are no longer present or active in the industry due to retirement, death or other reasons.
  • these players are still celebrated for their contributions and unforgettable legacy.
  • The concept of Icon players was introduced to honor football legends and allow gamers to experience the magic of playing with these stars in their teams.
  • They represent the skills, achievements, and unique playing styles that made them legends.
  • Currently there are 134 icon players which include some of the greatest legends of both men’s and women’s football from across the globe.

What are the most secure and best ways to get icon players in FC 24?

If you're new to EA FC 24 or still figuring out how to get icons, this guide will walk you through the essential methods. From time to time there are some special promos that are fantastic ways to get icons, but normally there are several other methods worth exploring.

1. Loan Icons

When starting, you often receive a few loan icons. This gives you a taste of using top players temporarily.

2. Completing SBCs

Completing SBCs using fodder can be an effective way to get icons. While building a squad through SBCs can be expensive, there are affordable options like Shevchenko and Rijkaard. High-rated icons like Ronaldinho require more resources but can be tested via loans before committing fully.

3. Transfer Market

The transfer market is a straightforward method. If you have enough coins, you can buy various types of icons. But the usual ways of gathering coins such as trading players or playing matches is not very effective because most times you can’t earn much from those methods, it also takes a lot of time and energy. however, you can buy Coins for such a cheap price and get the exact player that you want. Here on MrGeek you can Buy Coins easily and transfer them in the fastest way possible.

4. Packs

Purchasing packs using in-game coins or real money (FC Points) is another way to obtain icons. Special packs like the tradable icon pack (88+ rated) can be very costly and you rely on chance mostly.

5. Objectives and Promotions

Keep an eye on in-game objectives and promotions. Sometimes, EA offers free icons through these channels, like the recent free Xavi Alonso for playing matches. Additionally, Galazo show evolutions can enhance certain icons, making them more valuable.


In conclusion, acquiring Icon players in FC 24 can transform your squad and provide a magical gameplay experience reminiscent of legendary football moments. While there are various methods to obtain these football legends, the most efficient and reliable way is through the transfer market. Instead of spending countless hours grinding through matches or relying on the luck of the draw from packs, you can buy coins at affordable prices on MrGeek and get the exact Icon player you desire. This approach ensures you build your dream team quickly and securely, allowing you to enjoy the game to its fullest potential.