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What is Happening in the Football World Lately?

Comparing new releases of Konami PES and EA FIFA 21 in terms of release date, features, gameplay, technologies, and so on.

Konami recently reported that there would not be a new PES 21 with a new installation, yet it will be released as a substantial update with a much lower price than usual.

This idea is based on the fact that the world is dealing with a bigger problem, and also the delay will give them enough time to elevate the process for the magnificent PES 22 version, adaptable for the next-generation consoles on the unreal engine.

Although at the time the PES fans are happy about the lower price and consider this decision a nice gesture related to the Pandemic situation, FIFA fans are quite furious! Some of them are even threatening to boycott the FIFA 21 and also don't buy points or coins anymore.

Here and there you will hear or read from some skeptical players that PES promising for different features in the new update is just a marketing scam, and nothing is going to change.

But FIFA fanatic players are eagerly waiting for FIFA 21 version to release which is expected to be the most advanced video game of the century. Lots of excitement and trades are waiting for the new FIFA experience. People are eager to buy FIFA 21 Coins to speed up building their new squad.

 If you are a game geek and want to get playing the second it becomes available, follow the news bellow:

FIFA 21 Release Date

EA confirmed that FIFA 21 would be released on current-gen consoles on 9 October 2020. And if you pre-order the FIFA 21 Ultimate Edition or Champion Edition, it is available on 6 October.

The FIFA 21 Demo is usually released two or three weeks before the actual game, so It is exciting to know that you would expect it in early-to-mid September. With demo, you can play FIFA 21 for free. We discussed this in our previous article in details.

If you want to know the exact time, the schedule is as below:

  • FIFA 21 announced-June 2020
  • Trailer- June 2020
  • Cover star reveal- July 2020
  • New Features-July 2020
  • Gameplay news-August 2020
  • Career Mode- August 2020
  • Volta Football- August 2020
  • Pro Clubs-August 2020
  • Ultimate Team-August 2020
  • Beta- Late August 2020
  • Demo- Mid-September 2020
  • Desktop Companion App- Late September 2020
  • EA Access-Late September 2020
  • FUT Web Mobile App-Late September 2020
  • Game Release- October 2020

FIFA 21 Platforms

The new version will be available for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch at first, and then on PS5, and Xbox Series X.

The awesome news is that EA Sports is offering to upgrade the copy you purchase for free if you've bought the latest generation console.

Also, a player can carry over his FUT and VOLTA progress from one console to the next.

It is assumed that by playing the game on next-generation consoles, you will get more significant visuals and some other specific features.

  • PS5

PlayStation 5 will have its specific features for FIFA 21. The FIFA controller and haptic feedback will create the best experience of your gaming life.

  • Xbox Series X

There is no clear sign of any particular changes for Xbox Series X from PS5. But lately, Microsoft has been using the word "Xbox Series X Specialized" which may mean they are going to be different.

  • Nintendo Switch

Based on the news, the FIFA 21, and FIFA 21 Legacy Edition will be coming to Nintendo Switch users. It has updated menus, audio, players, and kits.

Editions Prices

Based on current estimations the Standard Edition of FIFA 21 will cost £59.99 / $64.99 (£54.99/$59.99 on PC), the Champion Edition £79.99 / $79.99, and the Ultimate Edition is £89.99 / $99.99. The price of FIFA 21 Coins is also expected to be around 10 € per 100K Coins. It may vary depending the competition from month to month.

FIFA 21 Cover Stars

As usual, the debate on who gets to be this year's cover star is noisy and hot. Pervious covers were presented by the greatest record-breaking athlete like Galactico Eden Hazard, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Thierry Henry.

This year, it has been rumored that Kevin De Bruyne will be the Champion Edition cover followed by Kylian Mbapp on Standard Edition and Franz Beckenbauer for Ultimate Edition.

FIFA community website has commenced a vote on who should be on the cover this year. So far, the predictions states:

  • Riyad Mahrez 29%
  • Mohamed Salah 19%
  • Heung-min Son 19%
  • Wu Lei 18%
  • Lionel Messi 5%

Graphics and Visuals

  • Deferred lightening and rendering (A detailed lightening system)
  • Realistic physics- fitter physical postures
  • Life-like animations, smoothness of colors, and details
  • Real-life imitation of the gameday, stadium, winning situation, bench, fans reactions, sounds.

FIFA 21 New Features (Guesses, Predictions)

  • Demo: It may include some south American teams, and Volta may also appear in this part along with Ultimate Team and Career Mode. It needs about 8GB size.
  • Beta: It is likely to be separate beta testers for each of Career Mode, Ultimate Team, Pro Clubs and Volta Football this year.
  • Gameplay: It is expected to see more developed and fine-tuned dribbling and defending.
  • Career Mode: It is likely to see great progress for career mode additions like player conversations and dynamic player and team morale.
  • Ultimate Team: Recently, EA declared that they are making massive progress for online servers for this year's version. There will be changes for the success rate in Ultimate Team packs, and an improved matchmaking style as well.
  • New FUT 21 Icons: It is not unexpected if we see Beckenbauer, Kaiser, Ashley Cole, and Totti in this year’s FIFA version.
  • Pro Clubs: Fans are talking about improving league structure, and getting beyond Division one. Hard but lofty!
  • Volta: Some may consider the Volta football not a complete success, but it is likely to have more arenas and a better storyline this year.
  • Cross-Platform: Star Wars: Squadrons and Need for Speed Heat have been confirmed for cross-platform play by EA. It will be a great surprise if the same happens for FIFA 21.
  • FIFA Points and FUT Coins are still effective in FIFA 21.
  • License: As you may know, EA lost the rights to Juventus, and this year may include more teams on the list like Manchester United, and Bayern Munich.

Also, it is hopeful that AC and Inter Milan will be exclusively present in FIFA 21 after Konami lost them.

  • Stadiums: The Anfield and PSG’s Parc des Princes have been confirmed in official FIFA 21 screenshots. Sukru Saracoglu Stadium, Stade Bollaert-Delelis, and Lerkendal Stadion are on the wishing list.
  • VAR: It is an unanswered question whether VAR addition will be implemented in FIFA 21 Career Mode or not? But it adds a stressful yet enjoyably competitive mode to the game.