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EA Sports FC 24 Leaks

EA Sports FC 24 Leaks

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EA SPORTS has decided to rebrand as EA SPORTS FC in 2023 after the company announced it was ending its partnership with FIFA. Here we want to provide you with everything related to this game and its changes. 

What is EA SPORTS FC 24?

As stated, many times before, FIFA 23 will be the final EA SPORTS and FIFA co-branded title. EA has officially revealed new details for its 2023 soccer game, EA Sports FC, the first entry in a new franchise without FIFA branding.
EA's first issue was to reveal its new brand vision, identity and logo. Indeed, FC will become EA SPORTS' platform for creating, innovating and growing new football experiences, connecting hundreds of millions of fans across console, mobile, online and eSports products. It then noted that the EA SPORTS FC brand will be featured in more than 100 matches in the world's biggest leagues. Soccer fans will see the new brand identity in nature for the first time through EA SPORTS partners including the Premier League, LaLiga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1, WSL, NWSL, CONMEBOL and more.
So far, EA has confirmed that players will be able to play Volta, Career Mode and Pro Clubs alongside Ultimate Team in EA SPORTS FC. Also, EA announced that because of licensing agreements, EA will still have the same or a similar lineup of players, teams, and stadiums in its new franchise.

When will the EA FC 24 game be released and what consoles will it include?

Actually "EA FC 24" is a new sports video game released by EA Sports. It is set to launch on September 29, 2023, and will be available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC Windows platforms (Origin, Steam, and Epic Games). A Legacy Edition of the game is also expected to be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

What is the FC 24 logo based on?

Throughout football's history, the triangular shape has played an important role in logo design. To ensure the new brand is reflected across every conceivable touchpoint, three versions of the logo are included in the identity. Among the features of the EA SPORTS FC brand are the primary logo, a two-letter product prefix, and an authenticity mark.

Are FIFA games republished?

If you're wondering if FIFA will go ahead and release the game, FIFA president Gianni Infantino says third-party developers and publishers will release a game bearing the FIFA brand, which will be the "only true, authentic game" that will bear the FIFA name. Infantino also said, "The FIFA name will remain forever and remain THE BEST, no matter what number of seasons and levels we reach (FIFA 23, FIFA 24, FIFA 25 and FIFA 26)."

Can I transfer my FUT 23 coins to FUT 24?

The progress you make in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, including FC FUT coins you have earned will not be carried over to FC 24 or any other version of FIFA. In FC 24 Ultimate Team, you will instead receive rewards based on your previous performance.




Is it possible to play before the official launch date?

Fans of the new Electronic Arts game will have several options to access the game before the official launch date. The Ultimate Edition provides players an access to the game three days early, while subscribing to the EA Play service will allow players to enjoy a 10-hour limited version of the game four days before the official launch date. there are two main options for players who want to get early access to Football Club 24:
The first option is to subscribe to EA Play, which will grant players access to hours trial of the game four days before the official release date. 
The second option is to purchase the Ultimate Edition of the game, which will provide players with full access to the final version of Football Club 24 three days before the worldwide launch. Both options offer a great opportunity for fans to get a head start on experiencing the new game.

FC 24 women's football

"For football to advance, the elevation and equality of women’s football needs to be a focus,” said Navin Singh, Commercial Director at The Football Association, this statement suggests that EA SPORTS FC is dedicated to providing an exceptional gaming experience that highlights the significance and influence of women's football. By offering fans more opportunities to engage with the Barclays Women's Super League (WSL), EA SPORTS FC aims to meet the demands of fans who have been seeking a more inclusive and diverse gaming experience. This will allow fans to experience the thrill of playing with and against some of the best female footballers in the world and showcase the impact and importance of women's football to a wider audience. By focusing on women's football and providing a high-quality gaming experience, EA SPORTS FC is helping to promote the sport and inspire more people to get involved and become fans.
That's all we know about EA SPORTS FC at the moment. We will update this page with all the latest details as soon as they are released in July.