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FIFA 23 Shapeshifters: How to Unlock and Use the Most Powerful Players

FIFA 23 Shapeshifters: What You Need to Know

Explore FIFA 23 Shapeshifters: reshape your team with new positions and skills. Get the ultimate guide to acquire ICONs and elevate your game!

FIFA 23 Shapeshifters is a promo event that offers new ways to shape your team and play style with ICONs and players that have different positions and abilities. It is one of the most innovative and exciting events in FIFA Ultimate Team history. In this blog post, we'll explain all the details of FIFA 23 Shapeshifters, the ultimate guide to this amazing event.

What is FIFA 23 Shapeshifters?

FIFA 23 Shapeshifters is a promo event in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team mode that features special FUT items with different positions and abilities than their original versions. These items transform footballers into brand new superstars with different skills, playing styles, and even positions to unlock fresh squad building possibilities. Shapeshifters started with Team 1 releasing on June 16, 2023, and will have two more team releases on June 23 and June 30. Shapeshifters also introduces Premium Chemistry, which provides more powerful links to your squad.

How to Get FIFA 23 Shapeshifters Players?

there are a few ways to get FIFA 23 Shapeshifters players:
•  You can get them in packs for a limited time during the Shapeshifters campaign, which will have three main releases of Shapeshifters Player Items on June 16, June 23, and June 30.
•  You can complete special Quests that provide Shapeshifter Players as rewards, such as scoring goals with Shapeshifters in your lineup, winning matches, training Shapeshifter Players, and more.
•  You can complete Exchanges that require specific players and ratings to get Shapeshifter Players with OVR ratings from 107 to 109.
•  You can complete Shapeshifters Challenge 1 SBC to get a single untradeable Rare Gold Pack that may contain a Shapeshifter Player
To get your desired shapeshifter player cards, you can either earn enough fifa coins or buy fut 23 coins from trustworthy sites such as MrGeek fifa coins store or others.



Team 1 player cards of FIFA 23 Shapeshifters

FIFA 23 Shapeshifters Team 1 player cards were released by EA yesterday. Team 1 player cards for FIFA 23 Shapeshifters are the first batch of reinvented ICONs that have different positions and abilities than their original versions. These player cards offer new ways to shape your team and play style, as well as boost your chemistry and skills.
 Here are some of the Shapeshifter players that have been released so far:

Dayot Upamecano – Bayern Munich – CAM (SBC)
Thorgan Hazard – PSV – LB – (SBC)
Karl Toko Ekambi – Rennes – LB
Sheraldo Becker – Union Berlin – CB
Virgil van Dijk – Liverpool – CDM
Antonio Rudiger – Real Madrid – ST
Bruno Fernandes – Manchester United – LW
Riyad Mahrez – Manchester City – ST
Memphis Depay – Atletico Madrid – CM
Riccardo Orsolini – Bologna -RB
Eric Bailly – Marseille – CDM
Przemyslaw Frankowski – RC Lens – RM
Edson Alvarez – Ajax – CAM
Aleksandar Mitrovic – Fulham – CB (OBJ)
Pele – Icon – LW
Robin van Persie – Icon – RW
Robin van Persie – Icon – CAM
Socrates – Icon – CM
Frank Rijkaard – Icon – ST
Fernando Hierro – Icon – LB
Fernando Hierro – Icon – RB

How to Use FIFA 23 Shapeshifters Players?

FIFA 23 Shapeshifters players can be used in various ways to enhance your squad and gameplay experience. Here are some tips on how to use them effectively:

•  Experiment with different formations and tactics to make the most of your transformed players' abilities and chemistry.
•  Use your HERO SHAPESHIFTER players as your main stars or game-changers, as they have exceptional stats and skills that can dominate any match.
• Use your regular SHAPESHIFTER players as your supporting cast or role players, as they have unique positions and attributes that can complement your squad and strategy.
•  Mix and match your SHAPESHIFTER players with other special cards or regular cards to create a balanced and diverse team.

The Pros and Cons of FIFA 23 Shapeshifters

FIFA 23 Shapeshifters has many positive aspects that make it an exciting and enjoyable event. However, it also has some drawbacks that make it less appealing and satisfying than previous editions of the event. Here are some of them:

•  Shapeshifter introduces fan-favorite ICONs with alternate positions, expanding your squad- building options like never before.

•  Shapeshifter features special Quests that provide fantastic rewards, such as Shapeshifter 

•  Shapeshifter reaches back through history to reimagine the playing styles of iconic footballers across The World’s Game.

•  Shapeshifter Player Items will be in packs for a limited time, making them more exclusive and valuable.

•  Shapeshifter Player Items may be very expensive or hard to obtain due to their high ratings and 

•  Shapeshifter may not appeal to some players who prefer the original positions and attributes of the ICONs.

•  Shapeshifter may create imbalance or unfairness in the gameplay due to the boosted stats and chemistry of the Player Items.

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post. We will keep you updated with new information about this event as soon as it is released, so don't miss it.