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 EA Sports FC 24 TOTW 30: Release date, Prediction and Leaks

EA Sports FC 24 TOTW 30: Release date, Prediction and Leaks

Discover EA Sports FC 24 TOTW 30 release date, predictions, and leaked players. Stay ahead in the game with Mr. Geek's latest insights!

EA has made sure there's plenty of content for players to relish in Ultimate Team with the latest Golazo promo. After the recent unveiling of FIFA 24 TOTW 29, players can anticipate even more thrills. Below, we write what we know about EA Sport FC 24 TOTW 30. before diving into the rest of the text, don't forget about a crucial resource for all EA FC 24 players: MrGeek fut coin shop. It's an incredibly useful portal that enhances your gaming experience. Here, you can find the cheapest FC 24 coins to strengthen your FC24 Ultimate Team. Don't miss out—check it out now!




EA FC 24 TOTW30 

The Team of the Week (TOTW) is a prominently featured squad within the FC 24 Ultimate Team framework, meticulously assembled by EA. It consists of elite players from around the globe who have demonstrated exceptional performance in recent international or club competitions. In Team of the Week 30, you can expect the usual 18 new footballers to be highlighted in Ultimate Team packs. Look out for players from the Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, and other leagues in this lineup.

FC 24 TOTW 30 Release Date

The upcoming FC 24 TOTW 30 is scheduled for release on Wednesday, April 10th, at 6 pm GMT. The featured footballers from this latest release will be available in packs for a duration of seven days until the introduction of TOTW 31.


Federico _Gatti_TOTW30


How to get FC 24 TOTW30: Enhanced Ratings and PlayStyles+ for Exceptional Cards

Recently, EA has increased the minimum rating requirement for all TOTW items by +2, guaranteeing that each player will have a rating of at least 85 OVR. Moreover, the three highlighted players in every TOTW will now exhibit two PlayStyles+ on their cards, indicated by a symbol next to their name on the provided list.
Despite fluctuations in player stats, the new rating threshold and the addition of PlayStyle+ ensure that you will obtain an exceptional card regardless of the player.

FIFA 24 TOTW 30 Predicted and Leaked Players

Predicted Players
  • Cristiano Ronaldo with an impressive 5 goals and 3 assists.
  • Loïs Openda and Iljutcenko, both with 4 goals and 2 assists each.
  • Kevin De Bruyne, Phil Foden, and Lee Jae Sung are expected in the midfield, each contributing significantly to their teams' successes.
  • Rodri, Ødegaard, and Grealish are also predicted to feature, having had impactful games.
  • Serge Gnabry and Rúben Neves could be included for their goal contributions.
  • Malcom, Ollie Watkins, and Reguilón have also been mentioned as potential forwards and defenders.
Leaked Players


The leaks align with the predictions, highlighting players like Ronaldo and Openda for their goal-scoring feats.

 Defenders such as Federico Gatti and Micky van de Ven are rumored to be part of the TOTW 30 due to their solid defensive performances.

 Midfielders like Morgan Gibbs-White and Yacine Adli are also speculated to be included.

Forwards Kai Havertz and Cole Palmer are among the leaked names, expected to receive a boost in their ratings.



In anticipation of EA Sport FC 24's TOTW 30, players can expect a lineup of elite footballers with enhanced ratings and PlayStyles+ features, ensuring an exceptional Ultimate Team experience. The release, scheduled for April 10th, will showcase top performers from global competitions, available in packs for a week. For an optimal gaming experience, we offer the cheapest ea fc 24 coins to bolster your FIFA 24 Ultimate Team.