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Banned for Buying Coins in FIFA 20

Banned for Buying Coins in FIFA 23?

What to do if your account has been banned for trading, buying or selling FIFA Coins by EA. Tips about safety in transferring FUT Coins.

So, you got your account banned for trading/transferring coins in FIFA 23? Or should I say, you too? It’s the story of every other person these days. Ranging from your FIFA crazy little cousin to from friend Josh’s mother-in-law. We all get to suffer the wrath of EA for trading FIFA FUT 23 coins. It’s just not fair. But what is it about trading these coins that make the whole process illegal? We have called upon some ‘experts’ to seriously discuss this issue and extract a solution that will facilitate us all equally. So, let's start from the root of it all, the birthing ground of an epic legend for ages.


What is EA’s Stance on Coin Trade?

If you want to take Stacy out on a dinner, you have to ask her dad first, he’ll tell you the ‘rules’. Similarly, if you want to play FIFA, EA has set up a list of rules that every player must abide by if they wish to enjoy all the benefits this epic game has to offer. Especially if it gets to participate in online gameplay. We won’t be getting in the details of that, as that would be beyond the scope of this particular piece. So where were, we?

Right, the coin trade. EA is quite clear on that. According to their website,

“Buying Coins from a third party, promoting Coin buying, and Coin distribution is against our rules”.

I don’t think there is much to say after that.


Alternatives to Buying FUT Coins

They even very helpfully suggest alternate ways to earn coins legally such as:

  • Playing matches in ultimate team.
  • There are squad battling challenges that can be completed which have coins as part of the reward.
  • And finally, the trade market. Users can sell items or players for a fair price on the trade market and earn coins.

There is another case with the FUT points but that is a topic for another day, for now, the coins. Here’s a good laugh, I mean I am not even making any of this up. It’s there on the website. It states on their website that “Coin distribution inflates the FIFA economy”. my sides went to space after reading that. So, to summarize, any form of coin distribution or even helping in the distribution of FIFA 23 FUT coins is going to result in a ban.


Signs of Getting Banned for Trading FUT Coins

Now on to how FIFA responds to players it suspects of being involved in the coin trade. It is a three-step process.

  1. First, EA will send a warning email to the players it suspects of being involved in the coin trade.
  2. If EA finds out that you were warned and you have recently bought coins, your account will be cleared, and you will receive your final warning.
  3. This is rather a nightmare. You will be stripped of all the coins and cards, with your account (most possibly) permanently banned.

Well, that was worse than watching a horror movie. It was a mix of sad and horror that hits you where it hurts the most. So, we can only leave here with our parting words being, please don’t get banned and have a safe trade.


What to Do if Your Account is Banned for Buying FIFA Coins?

Well, the short answer is nothing you can do! Unfortunately, there's no time limit to FIFA accounts getting banned for trading FIFA Coins. It means the ban is permanent.

And there's pretty much nothing you can do to "unban" your account. EA of course has provided a contact form through which you can request a review about banning your account. And here you can see your case history. However, it's not very likely that you get a positive response out of, but of course, it's worth a shot.

Banned playing Fifa transferring coins


Safety Buying FIFA Coins Not Banned

What to Do to Prevent Getting Banned While Buying FUT Coins?

Things that could prevent from getting banned by EA while buying FIFA coins include the safety tips that MrGeek has been providing its customers with for years now. Tips like:

  • What players to put in the transfer market
  • What buy-now price to sell the players for?
  • How much FIFA Coins must be available in your account to transfer coins safely.
  • How old your account must be before selling big amount of FIFA Coins
  • How long should the interval of selling players be?
  • And many other heads-ups that you can find in the FAQ section and also in the My Account page in MrGeek

With being cautious about these safety tips, you'll enjoy your new FIFA coins without getting your account banned.