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EA Sports FC 24 A Free Game of PlayStation Plus

EA Sports FC 24 A Free Game of PlayStation Plus

Discover EA Sports FC 24, a free PlayStation Plus game, on MrGeek's blog. Unleash your football passion with tips and insights

Free games and exclusive content for PlayStation Plus subscribers

These days, the news that is very interesting for virtual game users and fans of EA Sports FC 24 is that PS plus users will get a series of free games in May 2024, which we will check the details of this news in this blog, so stay with us.
The free game lineup for PlayStation Plus on May 2024 has been officially announced by Sony, revealing the exciting titles subscribers can look forward to this month. This month marks a monumental occasion for PS Plus members, as they receive one of the most generous offerings in the service's history – a collection of four games for the PlayStation 5, featuring some of the most anticipated titles of the year.
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PS Plus free games for May 2024 

PS Plus Essential members will get the following free games on May 2024:
EA Sports FC 24: Standard Edition (PS4, PS5)
Ghostrunner 2 (PS5)
Tunic (PS4, PS5)
Destiny 2: Lightfall (PS4, PS5)

EA Sports FC 24

on 7 May 2024, the headliner is undoubtedly EA Sports FC 24, the first footy game from EA since its parted ways with FIFA. in EA Sports FC 24, you can play soccer and try to win the biggest tournament, the Champions League. Start with a small team and make them champions. The game is very realistic and has more than 19,000 real players, 70 teams, and 30 leagues. If you love soccer, you'll really enjoy this game. FC 24, which was the top-selling game in the UK last year, has lived up to the success of its previous versions. The game has been updated to include Team of the Season cards in Ultimate Team, allowing players to create teams with the finest players in the game.
Gamers can look forward to claiming the EA Sports FC Ultimate Team Starter Pack, which boasts a lineup of "11 non-exchangeable players with a rating of 82 or higher, plus a legendary footballer available as an ICON Loan Player Pick for seven matches.

Downloading PS Plus free games

You can add all three PlayStation games to your collection.
The new PS Plus free games for May are here, which means the April 2024 free games are no longer up for grabs. But if you've already added the April games to your library, you're all set to play them anytime. Remember, you don't need to download these games right away; just make sure to add them to your library before they're taken off the PlayStation Store.
Getting PS Plus mainly lets you play games online with others, but the free games each month add extra value to Sony's service. This keeps PS Plus competitive with Microsoft's gaming service, which is like a gaming version of Netflix. That's also why PS Plus and PlayStation Now combined into new options: PlayStation Plus Premium, PlayStation Plus Extra, and PlayStation Plus Essential.

Free PS Plus DLC for EA SPORT FC 

A great perk of subscribing to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass is the extra free content like DLC you get with any subscription level.
PlayStation Plus members have access to a wide range of free, exclusive DLC for popular games including Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, Fortnite, among others. Today, we're focusing on the free DLC available for EA Sports FC 24 enthusiasts through PlayStation Plus.
You can get the EA Sports FC 24 DLC for free with PlayStation Plus. It's available right under the game's logo on your PS5 or PS4, or you can find it in the PS Plus section of the store. You can also download it from the PlayStation Store online.
The FUT Starter Pack DLC, available for EA Sports FC 24 players with a PS Plus subscription, features 11 players rated 82 or higher (non-exchangeable) and a choice of an ICON Loan Player for seven matches. It's a great addition to your game, so be sure to claim it if you're a subscriber.


In May 2024, PlayStation Plus is offering an impressive selection of free games, headlined by EA Sports FC 24, alongside other exciting titles for PS4 and PS5. Subscribers can enjoy a realistic soccer experience with over 19,000 players, 70 teams, and 30 leagues, and even build their dream team with the Ultimate Team Starter Pack. Additionally, members can enhance their gaming with free, exclusive DLC for various popular games. The service continues to evolve, providing online multiplayer and a library of games that rival other gaming services, solidifying its value with new tiers like PlayStation Plus Premium, Extra, and Essential. Remember to add the free games to your library before they're rotated out of the PlayStation Store.