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How to Get David Beckhams Player Card in FC 24

How to Get David Beckhams Player Card in FC 24

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14-May-2024 FIFA Blog Posts

Discover the ultimate guide to get David Beckham's player card in FC 24. Get tips, tricks, and more at MrGeek.

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David Beckham: The Legacy of a Football Icon in EA Sports FC 24

David Beckham, the iconic English footballer renowned for his precise free-kicks and crossing ability, continues to leave an indelible mark on the virtual pitch in EA Sports FC 24. In the game, Beckham is celebrated through his ICON and Future Stars Icon cards, both of which reflect his legendary status and enduring legacy in the sport. With an ICON rating of 88 and a Future Stars Icon rating of 91, Beckham's virtual avatar captures his high work rate and exceptional skill set that includes masterful passing, shooting, and dribbling. His in-game persona, complete with a right-footed profile standing at 182cm (6'0") tall, mirrors his real-life athleticism and football intelligence. As a midfielder with High/High work rates, Beckham's presence in EA Sports FC 24 is a testament to his timeless influence and the inspiration he continues to provide for football enthusiasts and gamers alike.
David Beckham's illustrious football career began at Manchester United, where he rose from the youth ranks to make his first-team debut at just 17. His time with United was marked by a series of victories, including six Premier League titles, two FA Cups, and the UEFA Champions League in 1999. Beckham's pursuit of excellence led him to play for clubs across Europe, including a memorable spell at Real Madrid where he won a La Liga title. In the United States, he signed a landmark deal with LA Galaxy in Major League Soccer and had successful loan periods at AC Milan. Beckham's unique achievement of winning league titles in four different countries solidified his status as a versatile and skilled player.

David Beckham's ICON card in EA FC 24

In EA Sports FC 24, David Beckham's ICON card is an essential asset for any virtual football team, with a notable overall rating of 88. Playing as a Right Midfielder, Beckham's pace of 80 ensures rapid advances on the field, while his shooting and passing ratings of 85 and 92, respectively, position him as a formidable force in both setting up and finishing goals. His dribbling rating of 85 allows him to weave through dense defenses with ease. While his defense may be a modest 66, it's Beckham's offensive capabilities that render him indispensable. His physicality rating of 79 signifies his ability to withstand the game's demands, and his well-rounded attributes enable him to dismantle the opposition's defense and seize scoring opportunities, making him an invaluable player in any match.


David Beckham's ICON card in EA FC 24


EA FC 24 David Beckham's Future Stars icon

David Beckham's Future Stars Icon card in EA Sports FC 24 is a standout feature for fans and players alike. Rated at 91, this card is a tribute to Beckham's exceptional career and his status as a football icon. The card boasts impressive stats, including a pace of 90, shooting at 87, and passing at 94, making it a highly desirable addition to any FIFA Ultimate Team. The Future Stars Icon card also features 4-star weak foot and 4-star skill moves, enhancing Beckham's versatility on the virtual pitch.
The Squad Building Challenge (SBC) for Beckham's Future Stars Icon card offers players the opportunity to earn this special card by completing specific tasks. These tasks are designed to test players' strategic skills in team building and managing resources within the game. The SBC provides a cost-effective solution for players to add a high-caliber talent like Beckham to their roster, reflecting his legendary status in the sport.


EA FC 24 David Beckham's Future Stars icon

How to get FC 24 David Beckham's Player Card

Acquiring David Beckham's ICON card in EA Sports FC 24 can be approached in several ways. One common method is to buy card packs, hoping to secure Beckham's ICON card by chance, although this is largely a game of luck with slim odds. Alternatively, players can engage in Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) that sometimes reward participants with the ICON card. This route demands time and strategic planning to align your squad with the challenge's requirements. The most direct, yet expensive, option is to buy the ICON card from the transfer market outright. Currently, David Beckham's ICON card current price 70,000 on PlayStation, 70,000 on Xbox, and 82,500 UT Coins on the market, a sum that might be out of reach for some players. Each method presents its own challenges, from the unpredictability and potential costs associated with card packs, to the dedication and expertise needed for SBCs, to the substantial investment required for a market purchase.


David Beckham Icon Card Price

Earning David Beckham through traditional methods can be frustrating and often time-consuming. For players who need high-quality player cards like Beckham's, the fastest and easiest method is to purchase EA UT 24 Coins from a trusted EA FC 24 Coin shop. By visiting the platform, you can acquire your desired FIFA 24 Coins with ease and confidence. This platform not only offers affordable FC Coins but also provides a special discount for new users, making it known as the best shop to obtain FIFA Coins at a fair price.