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How to Get Jude Bellingham for Free in EA FC 24

How to Get Jude Bellingham for Free in EA FC 24

Unlock Jude Bellingham for free in FC 24 with our guide. Elevate your team without spending a dime. Dive into Mr. Geek's expert tips.

Are you aiming to recruit Bellingham for your FC 24 Ultimate Team without breaking the bank? Whether you're playing on mobile or console, we've got you covered with strategies to acquire this star player, both for free and using EA FUT 24 Coins.
Before we go into the ways of recruiting the football star Bellingham in the EA Sport FC Ultimate team, we review a series of basic information related to know these players skills better.

Jude Bellingham FC 24 Player Ratings, Team and this season goals

He has 4-star weak foot, and 4-star skill moves, He does not have a real face in-game. Jude Bellingham has 5 special cards with ratings between and the best chemistry style for him is SHADOW. He was born on 2003 and he is now 20 years old.  Jude Bellingham's Rare card is rated 86, he is 186cm | 6'1" tall, right-footed England midfielder and has made a compelling case as the world's premier player in recent months. After winning the Golden Boy Award at the 2023 Ballon d'Or ceremony, he leads LaLiga, Spain's top division, with 14 goals for Real Madrid. Jude Bellingham has scored 17 goals in 25 La Liga games in the 2023/24 season so far for Real Madrid. His season total stands at 21 goals in 36 games across all club competitions for the Spanish giants.

How much is Bellingham worth EA Sports FC 24 on PS, Xbox and PC 

Bellingham's price on the Xbox market is 6,500, his current price on FUT is 6,500 on PlayStation and 7,000 on PC.


Bellingham's price


Bellingham FC 24 UCL goals 

Throughout his tenure at Madrid and Borussia Dortmund, Bellingham has netted a total of ten goals in the Champions League over the course of 29 matches.


What is Jude Bellingham Celebration and how to do it on all consoles

Jude Bellingham's signature celebration is a move he makes after scoring goals: He runs to a corner of the pitch and opens his arm like an applause cue. This celebration was recently added to EA Sports FC 24.
To do Jude Bellingham's celebration in FC 24, tap the 'A' button following a goal on Xbox. For PlayStation users, the 'X' button serves the same purpose. On PC, a single right-click will initiate the celebration sequence.

How to get Bellingham for free in EA FC 24 

Complete Objectives: Keep an eye on the objectives section in your Ultimate Team mode. Sometimes, specific tasks can grant you rewards that include players like Bellingham.
Squad Building Challenges (SBCs): Participate in SBCs regularly. Occasionally, completing these challenges can earn you player packs where you might get lucky and find Bellingham.
Rewards and Promotions: Stay updated with in-game promotions and events. Some events offer free packs or player rewards that could include Bellingham.

How to get Bellingham by using EA FIFA 24 Coins

Trading: Utilize the transfer market to buy Bellingham using FIFA 24 Coins. Keep an eye on his price fluctuations and aim to purchase during low-demand periods for better deals.
Investing: If you're adept at predicting market trends, consider investing in players or items that are likely to increase in value over time. Sell them at the right moment to accumulate enough EA FC Coins to afford Bellingham.

FUT Drafts: Participate in FUT Drafts using FUT 24 Coins. If you perform well, you can earn rewards such as player packs that might contain Bellingham or FC Coins to purchase him directly.


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Tips to get Bellingham for free on FC mobile 

Daily Objectives: Complete daily objectives on the mobile app to earn rewards that can contribute to acquiring Bellingham.
In-App Offers: Keep an eye on special offers within the mobile app. Sometimes, there are exclusive deals or packs available for purchase that might contain Bellingham.

How to get Bellingham for free on your Console

weekend League Rewards: Participate in the Weekend League regularly on your console. If you perform well, you can earn rewards that include player packs or FC 24 Ultimate Team Coins to invest in acquiring Bellingham.
Season Objectives: Console versions often have unique season objectives that reward players with valuable items or players upon completion. Focus on these objectives to increase your chances of obtaining Bellingham.


Getting Jude Bellingham for your FC 24 Ultimate Team is a savvy move that doesn't necessarily require a hefty investment. Whether you're navigating the game on mobile or console, there are numerous strategies to enlist this football prodigy. From leveraging in-game objectives and participating in Squad Building Challenges to staying alert for promotions and rewards, the avenues to add Bellingham to your roster are plentiful and varied. With his impressive stats, including a 4-star weak foot and skill moves, and his status as a top scorer in LaLiga, Bellingham is a valuable asset. His market value reflects his prowess, yet with smart trading, investing, and gameplay, you can acquire him without depleting your EA FUT 24 Coins. As you celebrate your victories with Bellingham's signature arm-open gesture, remember that the key to success in FC 24 lies in strategic planning and taking advantage of the opportunities presented within the game.