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how to make earn EA FC 24 coins

How to make EA FC 24 coins?

We've learned how to buy FIFA coins, how to sell FUT 24 coins, using mediator platforms; in this article we learn how to make FIFA 24 coins without paying real money.

If you want to improve on the FIFA team's Ultimate Team, you'll need a lot of FC 24 coins. It's not difficult to get coin, but there are ways to save your time. In this article, Mr. Geek tries to explain how to make the most of daily and weekly challenges and a detailed explanation of how to sell players in the transfer market.

You need to get as many points as possible in FIFA 24 as soon as possible. The FIFA 24 coins item is essential to advancing this part of the game, especially if you do not intend to buy the coins by spending real money. Here's a list of the best FIFA 24 coins extractions in FUT 24.


Use player transfers to get FIFA 24 coins

One of the best ways to get FUT coins is to buy and sell players in the Transfer Markets. A good way to do this is to list all your bronze players after a while, immediately after you have acquired them. Some of them are for sale and some are not, but you will be amazed at how much you can get through the sale of these players.

Buy and sell TOTW players

Every week and usually on Wednesdays, Electronic Arts publishes the Team of the Week or FUT Team of the Week. These cards are very scarce and therefore very expensive. Here's a trick, buy TOTW players first and sell them after a while. You have to look at them as an asset, almost always increasing the value of these cards over time.

Accomplish the challenges of building a mix or SBC to win prizes

Performing Squad Building Challenges is one of the best ways to get FIFA 24 coins in a short time at FUT. There is also another option for coins in terms of SBCs: you have to own players that you already have in your squad and other players may need to do SBCs in the transfer market. Of course, the priority should be your own, and if these players were your bench, they would be a good option. SBC cards are a good investment for coins, so when the challenges are updated, check your mix to sell everyone who doesn't fit in and sell the right players for the SBC.

Take part in Squad Battles

Squad Battles will give you a huge amount of FIFA24 Coin. In these matches, you have to play against powerful opponents. By changing the difficulty level and increasing it, you can multiply the amount of fog you earn per game. Points are aggregated and converted into a prize at the end of each week.

Get coins using the FIFA 24 Web App

The FIFA 20 Web App allows you to manage your squad from wherever you are, and easily market your players in the transfer market. You will get coins for your account every day, so this app is worth downloading. You can also easily manage the challenges of composing SBCs through the same application.

Multiply your coins amount by the Catalog menu

Each game in each FIFA game mode will earn you 20 points for purchasing items in the Catalog menu (press R3 in the main menu). There are items in the menu that will multiply the amount of queen you get (FIFA Coin Multiplier). These boosters will fundamentally increase the amount of coin extracted by the player at a time.

Perform daily and weekly challenges

Successfully executing the challenges shown in the main menu will probably earn you many FC 24 coins. These challenges are divided into Daily and Weekly Challenges. By doing these challenges, earn coins even when playing other modes. A good trick: Write down the challenges you think you can accomplish and look for them in action. Remember, when you successfully complete a challenge, go to the Challenge menu and receive your reward.

Take part in the FIFA 24 Weekend League

If you are looking for a bit of a challenge and want to win big prizes at the same time, then be sure to compete in the FUT Weekend League every week. You win Champions Point by playing Division Rivals, which enables you to participate in the Weekend League. Then you have to play 30 games to win FUT Champions prizes as well as a large volume of coins.

General Tricks to get coins at FIFA 24

Now that we have explored ways to get the most out coins at FIFA 24 immediately, it's not bad to mention a few general points. Keeping these tips in mind will increase your productivity.

Be mindful of special celebrations and events. The EA offers special discounts and events throughout the year where you can get huge amounts of FIFA 24 Coin or even FIFA24 Point. You will find out about these events by following EA on social networks follow our Twitter at @MrGeek_net.

Doing SBCs is one of the best ways to learn how to build a team yourself. Therefore, it is recommended that you go to SBCs without any fear.

You should first draw a line around your favorite players. While the main purpose of the game is to enjoy, if you spend at the beginning of the path for your favorite players who are definitely expensive, you will not be able to form a harmonious team. Do not doubt that you will lose.

Avoid buying Gold Pack. Gold cards are widely seen in the currency market, and this reduces the value of their exchange.

Don't miss out on selling cheap cards

One of the mistakes most users make is that when they find out that a consumer card (such as a club dress or logo) costs 200 coins and is not sold fast in the transfer market, they immediately sell it.

Most of these cards (in the bronze-to-gold category) range between 3 to 36 Quick Sell coins, but it's best to put them on the list at the lowest possible rate of 200 coins. Just sell one of them at random to get more out of their immediate sales.

In addition, even if you have 60 or 70 of these cards, at least half of them will be sold over the course of a few weeks, as sometimes daily Objectives such as buying a worthless item such as a ball or dress are activated, making users' worthless purchases. Causes it.

Make sure you increase your Club Transfer List capacity to 100 items through the FIFA 24 catalog. On average, 30 or 40 empty items are enough for a player to move in, so fill the rest with worthless cards to add 200 coins to your account every time; I promise you won't miss it, so it's very easy Don't choose Sell.