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Varieties Modes Types FIFA 20 Games

Reading time: approx 6 Min
Author Dan Hahner
15 Dec 2019 FIFA Blog Posts

Varieties of FIFA 20 Games

Different modes and types of games in FIFA 20. Learn which modes will help you make lots of Fut 20 coins and which ones will improve your playing skills.

  • Eurogamer: No points
  • Gamespot (GameSpot): 8/10
  • IGN (IGN): 7.8 / 10
  • USGamer: 4/5
  • VideoGamesChronicle: 4/5
  • Game Revolution: 4.5 / 5
  • Gameinformer (Gameformer): 7.5 / 10
  • Hardcore Gamer: 3/5
  • Push Square: 6/10
  • Linear dribble
  • Free kicks and penalties
  • Passing

Many changes has been applied to FIFA20 Games series since their annual release in 1993, and since then Electronic Arts has managed to present FIFA as one of the most successful football simulation games ever. FIFA20 Volta mode, shot defense, artificial intelligence changes, linear dribbling and many other components are new changes and parts that have been added to the FIFA 20. In this post, we are going to take a look at the critics of various sites about the FIFA 20 game and review its new features trailer.

First, let's take a look at the average game scores on different platforms.

Eurogamer: No points

I've played a lot of games against FIFA 20's second player in Eurogamer Chris Tempel and had some fun moments. I have lost some spectacular goals; I have lost the occasional missed goals; we are puzzled by the referee's surprising decisions. We have analyzed the game and seen the changes that have been made with the pros and cons of the game. We had a really fun time playing it, and all of this is undermined by the greed of companies and their drive to do what is right, something like real world football.

Gamespot (GameSpot): 8/10

FIFA 20 games are problematic and repetitive but at the same time comfortable, complete and attractive, as always frustrating and necessary. There will be nostalgia for The Journey and FIFA Street, but the Volta mode is a really different option for those trying to try different modes of play while the Ultimate Team continues its journey to conquer the world. Although EA has recalled that Career Mode exists, it is regrettable that this section is still unchanged.

IGN (IGN): 7.8 / 10

Volta is one of the notable additions to the game, and although it has its drawbacks, it's usually enjoyable to play different content like a story mode that is more engaging and concise than The Journey. The game has seen some improvements in the FIFA20 core experience, especially when it comes to defense, but overall, controlling the ball doesn't make it feel a bit flimsy. For anyone who is not interested in Volta mode, artificial speed, along with offline modes such as Career Mode, make FIFA20 a good but not impressive title.

USGamer: 4/5

The FIFA20 game revitalizes the old Street Series with a new mode that features both street and football, but it is the core of the gameplay that shines through this year, lowering the tempo of the game and making it enjoyable. This year's game version can be easily offered to fans of the game as well as new players with new updates for Career Mode and Ultimate Team.

VideoGamesChronicle: 4/5

With the addition of Volta mode to all the other modes in the game, FIFA20 is probably the FIFA game that makes it impossible to play all of its content. Volta mode offers a new way to play, but the Ultimate Team's Seasons bonus mode means that players interested in it can't justify spending time on Volta because they can spend that time on FUT Bring more XP for their next reward. If you're not the kind of person who wants to see and experience everything and is comfortable with choosing one or two modes and focusing on them, the FIFA20 game is as good as ever.

Game Revolution: 4.5 / 5

Although the gameplay in FIFA20 has not made much progress compared to FIFA 19, we are with a great title and one of the best football games on the side. New changes to Career Mode and the Ultimate Team make these modes better than ever before, and a large number of licensed teams, stadiums and more provide a real experience. The main gem in the FIFA Crown 2020 is the Volta mode, which is a fun and bold experience that enhances the gaming experience.

Gameinformer (Gameformer): 7.5 / 10

FIFA may be more popular than ever, but the FIFA20 game lacks focus. The gameplay is not on its own, and while the Ultimate Team is attractive in its kind. The next generation of home consoles is on the way, and I can't figure out if EA has any new ideas for the game or is just waiting for the next generation to start.

Hardcore Gamer: 3/5

Personalizing modes like Volta, Career and Peru Clubs is a step in the right direction, but FIFA20 has made little effort to improve things like press conferences and make them more effective. Players will quickly see that the game interface is in many ways similar to FIFA 19, and they will dream of making some major changes to the game. With Sony and Microsoft preparing for the next generation of consoles, players can only hope that the FIFA franchisees also decide to move forward and make major changes to their single-player experience next year.

Push Square: 6/10

FIFA20 is as satisfying as ever, when it comes to smashing a team with a precise counterattack, but this year's version of the game has a lot to prove when it comes to doing everything right on the pitch. Ultimate Team mode has reached new levels, but as always, paying for it using Micro transactions weakens this segment. The Volta mode is fun too, but it's definitely not the promotional aspect that EA intended. At the same time, the Career Mode has included enhancements, but the large number of bugs already in place have affected the experience. Our idea is to wait for FIFA 20 patch and then play it.

FIFA20 will have a new mode called Volta Football, reminiscent of FIFA indoor soccer on PlayStation 1 and Futsal Street style in the FIFA Street Series. It includes 3v3 Rush sections (three players vs. three players, no goalkeeper), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5 and professional indoor and outdoor futsal at custom stadiums around the world. A Campaign section, online leagues which make lots of FUT 20 coins for you, and categories and customizable avatars are other features of Volta Football mode. This mode is only available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions, and the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch versions of Volta Football will be free. Watch the FIFA20 trailer for Volta Football below.

Linear dribble

This feature gives you more later options to attack, allowing you to deceive your opponent and unlock the potential for pass-through defense by a quick and agile player.

Free kicks and penalties

Free kicks and penalties have generally changed. Free kicks have undergone a total transformation. In general, you will have more control over the spin of the ball in a free kick.


In addition to the firing mechanisms and finishers, the working passage has also changed in the new version. Simple passes are more accurate, but more complex passes, such as 180-degree passes and double-pass passes, will produce weaker, slower, and more inefficient results. Other than that, two new options for passing the game have been added. The first option is "chip" which we use to lift the ball from the top of the opponent's defense and the second option is a mechanism called "Pass-and-Go" that will replace the current hand pass.

According to the critics' comments about the FIFA 20 game, it looks like we are having a good but repetitive game due to the fact that it is more closely related to the next generation of consoles. What do you think of the FIFA-20 gaming experience? Do you accept the game drop? You can share your comment with Mr. Geek s at the bottom of the page.