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Fifa 23 shared transfer market

Okuma süresi: yaklaşık 2 Min
Yazar Dan Hahner
14 Sep 2022 FIFA Blog Posts

A Shared Ultimate Team Transfer Market between PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia

FIFA 23'de paylaşılan transfer pazarı hakkında bilgi edinmek için bu blog yazısını okuyun. Oyuncular arasında transfer yapmak artık daha kolay.

Among the recent news about the changes made in the new FIFA series, we came across some big and also very important news about FIFA 23. For the first time in FIFA history different consoles and platforms will be connected via crossplay with the release of the game.

The FIFA 23 transfer market is divided into two general sections:

in first pat we will have a same transfer market in FIFA Ultimate Team for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Stadia consoles but in second one we have separate FUT transfer market per platform. This means, the Transfer Market will be combined into pools of platforms, but not for PC and Switch.

EA has expanded the Transfer Market in FUT to help the functionality of cross-platform play. And it is also clear that the FUT 23 Transfer Market is independent of Crossplay settings. the FUT transfer market will always be live and connected to the other consoles regardless of your crossplay settings. which means if you don't want crossplay, you can turn it off, but the transfer market will not be affected. If someone wants to sell a player on the market via Stadia, then someone can buy that player via their PS4, even if they have crossplay disabled. cross-platform play has become, what many consider, a necessity in modern gaming. FUT is finally getting that treatment in FIFA 23. There are three key areas detailed in the Deep Dive: matchmaking, the Transfer Market and Leaderboards. in this version of fifa players on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia will all share the same Transfer Market, meaning there will be a major increase in the number of items listed on the market at once and it means that if a ps5 player list an item other platforms can see and buy them.

Due to the integration of all consoles and players, there will of course be much more demand for the respective objects – on the other hand, there will be more objects to buy in total. Therefore, we have to see how exactly the prices will develop. The first assumption is that player prices will not be as high as in the past, which is purely based on supply and demand so the new transfer market should be particularly attractive to newcomers and casual players, as you don't have to play a lot of games or pack a punch to be able to buy a good player. It also means that the lowest card prices on PlayStation, Xbox and Stadia will be the same for the first time. When the markets were independent, the difference in broadcast bases meant that SBCs would be cheaper or more expensive depending on where you played. But as said before, it's not a fact yet. how much the new transfer market will affect deals is also difficult to predict. and it should be checked and seen to what extent these effects are with the start of FIFA 23.

If we get new information about transfer market or other new changes will let you know here at the blog section.

We hope you find this information useful.

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