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EA FC 24 Golazo Promo: Release date & Leaked Players

EA FC 24 Golazo Promo: Release date & Leaked Players

Stay up to date with the latest news on EA Sports' FIFA Ultimate Team promos and leaked players. Visit Mr. Geek's blog for all the details.
In the world of FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, where every match is an opportunity to shine, a new event is taking the virtual football world by storm: the FC 24 Golazo Event. This thrilling addition to the game brings a fresh wave of excitement and rewards for players eager to showcase their skills on the pitch. Let's dive into what makes the FC 24 Golazo Event an unmissable experience for EA Sports fc enthusiasts.

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EA Sports FC Golazo

The Golazo event is a celebration of the spectacular in football - the unforgettable goals that have become etched in the memories of fans worldwide. EA Sports FC 24 celebrates the unforgettable goals in football history by introducing unique versions of Icon and Hero items, showcasing players who have made a name for themselves with their remarkable goal-scoring feats.

FC 24 Golazo event Release Date

The EA FC 24 Golazo promotion is set to launch on Friday, March 29, 2024, as indicated by the latest in-game loading screen. A fresh lineup of players will become available in packs starting at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET / 6 PM GMT, and they will be up for grabs for a duration of seven days.

FC Golazo Leaked Players and Predictions

Players can anticipate acquiring enhanced cards of legendary players renowned for their memorable goals, including Heroes and Icons like Johan Cruyff, David Ginola, and Saeed Al-Owairan. The event will introduce two teams of themed players, along with additional mini-releases, ensuring a continuous stream of new content to discover and integrate into your Ultimate Team.


The Golazo event is more than just another promo; it's a tribute to the artistry and emotion of football. It's an opportunity for players to build their dream team with not just the best players, but the most iconic. As we approach the release date, the anticipation builds for what is sure to be one of the most memorable events in EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team history. Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to score some golazos of your own!