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EA FC 24 Thunderstruck Black Friday Promo Details and Release Date!

EA FC 24 Thunderstruck Black Friday Promo Details and Release Date!

Get all the details and release date for EA FC 24 Thunderstruck Black Friday Promo on Mr. Geek's blog. Stay updated with the latest gaming news!

FC 24 Black Friday Release Highlights

The FC 24 Ultimate Team has been buzzing with excitement as the highly anticipated Black Friday promo takes center stage. This annual event promises a flood of content, including re-releases, packs, SBCs, and exclusive offers that are sure to thrill fans.

Dive into the FC Black Friday Promo

Black Friday has long been a celebrated tradition in Ultimate Team, and FC 24 keeps the tradition alive with exciting promotions. Regular promo packs, flash SBCs, and a Best of TOTW re-release are just a taste of what's in store.
Ensure your club is well-stocked, as this event offers ample opportunities to amass packs and players. Team of the Week cards aren't the only ones making a return; select cards from RTTK, Trailblazers, and Centurions promos will also grace the packs.
The Thunderstruck promo, making its debut during Black Friday, promises even more special cards via Objectives and SBCs. Upgraded Icons will be a highlight of this thrilling promo.




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Black Friday Release Date

The surprise came early this year, with a new loading screen in FUT revealing that the Black Friday promo dropped on November 22. The Best of TOTW release replaced FC Pro Live items in packs and coincided with Team of the Week 10 squad.

Black Friday Start Time

The Black Friday event commenced at 1 pm ET / 6 pm GMT, bringing Best of TOTW cards to packs and kicking off various promo-related content, including lightning rounds and flash sales.

What to Expect from Thunderstruck Black Friday Promo

Leaked information from famous leakers sheds light on the innovative EA FC 24 Thunderstruck Black Friday promo. This promo introduces new teams comprising dynamic players and Icons whose attributes evolve based on team performance.
Expect Thunderstruck upgrades to work as follows:
•    For each victory in the next four Domestic League matches, players receive a new regular PlayStyle.
•    With three victories in the next four Domestic League matches, players get an In-Form upgrade to their main attributes.

FIFA 24 Ultimate Team Season 2 Highlights

Season 2 of FC 24 Ultimate Team has been a delight for millions worldwide, boasting a constant stream of engaging content. EA has introduced numerous new packs, objectives, and promos, keeping players on the edge of their seats.
As we delve into Black Friday, exciting prospects await players, including the Best of TOTW squad release and the Thunderstruck promo. The daily login upgrade system is back, offering players additional chances to pack top-tier items every 24 hours.