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Buy FIFA 20 Coins for Xbox – Comfort Trade Method

Buy FIFA 20 Coins for Xbox – Comfort Trade Method

If you want to know what's the best way to buy FIFA Coins, this MrGeek tutorial explains Comfort Trade to transfer FUT Coins to your account.

Well well well…….what do we have here. Another warrior of the Xbox land comes to seek wisdom on how to earn the riches that lie in the domain of what we call FIFA 20 FUT. You are not the first one my child, nor the last. Come on in and make yourself comfortable, for it is time for us to impart some wisdom on the ways of the Comfort Trade Xbox FIFA Coins Transfer method. Now available in version 3.0.


MrGeek Comfort Trade FIFA Coins TransferWhat is Comfort Trade Method?

Well, from the name we can extract two things. It’s a trade and it’s comfortable. Wow, mind-blowing. Sadly, there is more to it than that. Comfort trade is the method of buying coins directly from a seller. The most important thing to keep in your mind is that the seller must be reliable, so unless you are really ‘really’ sure about doing this, we suggest that you keep looking for a trader that has a reputation that attests to the legitimacy of their genuine trade.


FIFA Backup Code Used in Comfort Trade

CT for Xbox One is the safest mod of coin transfer from the buyer’s perspective. What happens is that the buyer first gets to pay the sum. After that, the buyer will tell the seller their account data and one backup code. The backup code allows for one-time access into the account of the user (notice why we advised on only trusting a genuine/accredited seller), there, the seller will use an automated system to transfer the amount into the account of the user.


Pros & Cons of Comfort Trade FIFA Coin Transfer Method

Now, there are advantages and disadvantages like in all the good things in life. after all, this all seems to be too good to be true. The biggest advantage is that you get to dodge the 5% tax that EA charges on the transfer of Fut coins. Plus, there is no risk of getting banned and that wins the cup. The reason behind no transactional fee and no risk of getting banned is that the farmers (no, not the farmers with cows and chickens, the coin farmers) do the trade directly and automatically from their accounts. They use techniques that render them invisible from the detection algorithm of EA. They are quite expert in their trade and the whole process takes about 20-30 minutes at max.

A slight disadvantage is that you have to provide the seller your password and the secret question. The concern for data protection and privacy is an ugly scar on the face of this beautiful trade. After all, the moon is full of craters too. As a precautionary measure, change your password and secret question after every comfort trade. The trader may later try to login into your account since they already have your data, but a safe side is that they still need a login verification code. just remember you are not giving them your actual password but the backup code EA provides.

MrGeek is one of the most reliable FIFA Coins transfer platforms that you can hand over your EA credentials to safely and without worrying. Tons of gamers buy FIFA Coins from MrGeek via Comfort Trade and they express their satisfaction of the services on different Review websites.

It is always a safe practice to be careful with your private data. that is why we again emphasize on choosing a reliable and trusted seller when choosing the comfort trade method. Thank you for reading through and see you guys next time.