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Can you Sell FIFA Coins for Real Money?

Can you Sell FIFA Coins for Real Money?

This article explains possible ways to sell your redundant and unused FIFA Coins to FUT Coin seller websites. If you want to sell your FIFA Coins, read on!

As a FIFA player, you'd already know what FIFA Coins are and what they have been required for. Lots and lots of FUT Coins are being used on the Transfer Market to add players to the teams. When you play FIFA and win, you're being rewarded by a few coins. But those coins are never enough to buy great players like the icon Maradona or Zidane.

It means no matter how your skills are in FIFA, like how good your dribble, what great shots make towards your opponents' goal, you will never make enough coins to buy such great Football superstars for your ultimate team.

The alternative is to take Squad Building Challenges. These challenges also known as SBC's are means to add non-tradable icons to your team so you can power up your team for greater success. They usually have an objective and lots of tasks to do. And when the SBC is accomplished successfully, you'll be rewarded by a player or consumables.

Now, taking the challenges is boring and too frustrating. It requires lots of focus and effort from your side. You'd have to spend the entire weekend on challenges to get something useful out of it. But at the end of the day, the players will not be able to be traded on transfer market. So, if you get Ronaldo or Neymar through the SBC, you will have to use them in your squad and cannot sell them.

It's a bummer to say the least. You'd want to be able to sell players and make coins. And if you could sell coins and make real money, that would be great!

But on the other hand, EA has prohibited buying and selling FIFA Coins. That means, EA wants gamers to avoid making money out of FIFA 21 Coins. So, if you look at it from above, trading coins in FIFA is illegal, but since lots and lots of people want coins and don't want to play the SBC's it's always possible to give them the coins in return of some money, without violating any of EA's rules. So, how does that work?


Can you Sell FIFA Coins?

Let's say your have 100k FIFA Coins that you don't need and want to use the money instead. In order to avoid EA's ban on accounts, it's highly recommended that you perform a safety check on your FIFA account before engaging any trading of coins. Fortunately, MrGeek has developed such account safety checker tool to make sure your account will be safe when you buy or sell FIFA Coins.

Now, to sell your account or your FIFA Coins, you should find a buyer. Many websites buy your unused FUT Coins with a small amount of money. But some times it's worth it.

After you found your desired website to sell coins to, you'll be asked to share your account's email, password and backup codes so that website can log in to your account and transfer the coins back to their own account. And then you'll provide a Paypal account or a credit card to receive cash from that site.

The account buyers will change the passwords and credentials after they log in, because some times they don't use the FIFA 21 Coins right away and wait a bit until a buyer comes around. That's why they want to keep the coins in that account until they have a buyer.

Most of the times, the FIFA Coin buyer websites will not transfer any real money to your Paypal right away. They will either give you credit in their website so you can use later to buy FIFA Coins (probably next version), or wait for a bidder, a customer who is interested in the coins. These accounts are usually given to FIFA Coin suppliers and they will sell them, but until the coins are sold, no money would be handed to the original owner.

Once the coins are sold with a good price, the first FIFA Coin seller will receive a decent amount.


How Much are My FIFA Coins Worth?

When you sell your FIFA Coins, you may wonder how much real cache you'll get in return. Well, it depends on many things. First of all,  the suppliers will bid on the coins and then you will sell the coins to their highest bidder. So, it all depends on the suppliers how they pay for your Fifa coins.

But to have an estimation of how much will your FIFA Coins worth, you can consider 2 - 2.2 € for 100k FIFA Coins. So, for example if you have 1000k FIFA coins (1 Million), they will be sold around 22 Euros. Not bad, eh?

But of course, the closer we get to the end of the FIFA year, it will lose more and more of its value, because the new version is coming and the previous version of FIFA will be soon useless.


Other Ways to Sell FIFA Coins

If you don't want to wait for bidders to sell your FIFA Coins to, you can of course find buyers yourself. There are many places where you can sell your FIFA Coins to, such as:

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Forums
  • ...

But it's really wise to watch out and background check every person you're dealing with, no matter if you're buying or selling FIFA Coins. Scammers unfortunately are everywhere. That's why it's recommended to deal with websites like MrGeek who are proven to be trustable and fully responsible for their services. You can make contact with MrGeek via its 24/7 live Whatsapp support and ask any questions regarding buying or selling FUT Coins. We always answer with care.