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FIFA 20 Sniping Guide

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Sniping Explained

Do you want to know how to make coins on FIFA without spending money on FIFA Points? All things considered we have made the Ultimate guide for you! - MR.GEEK GUIDE

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Snipe Explained with Methods and Search Filter

Do you want to know how to make coins on FIFA without spending money on FIFA Points and which player cards are best to snipe and make profit with in FIFA FUT 20. All things considered we at MrGeek have made the Ultimate guide for you! as well as explaining how it all works we have included some of the best sniping filters for you to use and make coins to build your team.


What is Sniping?

It is the act of Buying an item on the market literally seconds after it has been listed this gets you the item at the lowest price on the market for that particular card which you to then sell on and make profit. 
What's the limit to the amount of cards you can Snipe? The answer is there's no limit to this if you put in the grind you can make as much FIFA 20 coins as you want.


Can you get banned for Sniping in FIFA 20?

EA has never said you can get banned from Sniping in UT, it is just that they frown upon people who do this method as the way they see it is you are making coins without spending any money on FIFA points. Let's read into EA's Terms and Conditions "Nobody likes a cheater, so it’s against our rules. Cheating can include, but isn’t limited to, using external tools, performing in-game exploits, abusing glitches or bugs, performing, using, buying, or selling match collusion, matchmaking manipulation, or win manipulation services. In-game cheating is not fair play and hurts the experience for the players you are playing against".
But EA are know to ban from transfer market for periods of time if they suspect that you are sniping all the time.

*TIP* When trying to snipe players do not over spam the search button as the system will recognize this and kick you out the transfer market.


How do you snipe in the FIFA 20 Companion App?

The truth is using the Companion App is a lot harder than using either the console or Web App due to the fact the market refreshes a lot slower on the Companion App so if you do wish to use it to trade the best way to do it is to follow the below methods.

1.Identify a player you want to try and snipe and use the web to find out the current lowest BIN price for that card. In this example we have chosen Dries Mertens.(Or you could use the current best sniping filters listed later on in the post to Snipe low rated players and make small profits, but they all add up!)

Mertens FIFA 20 Player Sniping


2.Look up for a card on the market start off by searching for a BIN price that's between 1-2k cheaper than the current lowest BIN (Put min bid price at anywhere between 150 - 850) as by searching this a card that is on the market for less than the BIN price you have put in will also show up.

BID Price BIN Price Buy Now Price FIFA 20 Sniping

3. If no results come up then keep adjusting the BID price and also the BIN Price like below.

Bid price fifa 20 transfer market sniping player

4. You will then see the cards that are the cheapest on the markets for that player then you need to decide if its worth buying as don't forget once you sell the card then EA gets 5% Tax from the sale.

*TIP* Do some research into what cards are worth buying to avoid wasting coins and remember small amounts always add up say if you make 400 FIFA coins profit on 50 cards that's 20k after tax 19k profit! 

How do you snipe on FIFA Web App?

The principles are the same as on the Mobile App with the only main difference being the market on the Web App refreshes and updates faster giving you more chance to grab a bargain and make FUT coins!. You can use the same 2 methods either try and snipe a player than you have found out sells a lot higher than the current listing price (Or use the snipe filters as listed later on the post)
I know what your thinking using Web App on Laptop or PC can be tricky as you need to use a mouse or track pad? You can use the below to counteract that issue.
If you go download a App of google chrome store called Shortfuts (As pictured below)

This allows you to use certain keys to perform functions on the Webb App so instead of using a mouse or track pad to do any functions its all done by letters off the keyboard.For example, you can organize it so that A - is for searching, D - is for buy it now, G - Is for increase BIN Price and so on it's a really useful thing to use saves a lot of time and lets you search and buy cards in a matter of seconds. 

*TIP* Again do not spam the search button to much it will kick you out of the transfer market.


Best current search filters for FIFA 20

Do your research before you start sniping to avoid wasting coins! The below snipes are very easy to use and to make profit!
*IMPORTANT* Keep refreshing the search by changing or adjusting the max bid price and snipe the players. Check the transfer market prices to see what the players you’ve sniped are worth at the moment.

  • Filter 1: Quality: Gold. Position: RB. League: Premier League. Purchase buy now: 500/650. 
  • Filter 2: Quality: Gold. Position: CB. League: Serie A. Purchase buy now: 500/600.
  • Filter 3: Quality: Gold. Position: RM. Country: Argentina. Purchase cost: 650/950.
  • Filter 4: Quality: Gold. Position: RM. Country: Brazil. Purchase cost: 1000/1500.
  • Filter 6: Quality: Gold. Country: Spain. League: Super Lig. Purchase presently value: 400/450.
  • Filter 7: Quality: Position: RW. League: Premier League.  value: 600/850.
  • Filter 8: Quality: Position: RB. League: Premier League. value: 600/850.
  • Filter 9: Quality: Gold, Position: CB. League: Ligue 1, Club: PSG. value: 1000/1300
  • Filter 10: Quality: Gold, Position: CB. League: Premier League, Club: Chelsea. value: 900/1100
  • Filter 11: Quality: Gold. Position: RB. League: Seria A. Purchase buy now: 1400/1600.
  • Filter 12: Quality: Gold. Position: RM. Country: Argentina. Purchase presently cost: 650/950.
  • Filter 13: Quality: Gold. Position: RM. Country: Brazil. Purchase currently cost: 1000/1500.
  • Filter 14: Quality: Gold. Country: Spain. Alliance: Hyundai A-League. Purchase currently cost: 900/1500.
  • Filter 15: Quality: Gold. Country: Spain. League: Super Lig. Purchase presently value: 400/450.
  • Filter 16: Quality: Position: RW. League: Premier League. Purchase presently value: 600/850. 
  • Filter 17: Quality: Position: RW. League: Premier League. Purchase presently value: 600/850.
  • Filter 18: Quality: Position: RB. League: Premier League. Purchase presently value: 600/850.


FIFA 20 Snipe card list

Wondering what are the top cards on FIFA to try and snipe? Well... we have got you covered again below is a list of the best currant players to try and snipe.Remember check the lowest BIN price before you start buying the cards to make sure you will be making profit.
Top Players to Snipe:

  1. João Miranda de Souza Filho - Gold Card - Chinese Super League - Jiangsu Suning
  2. Mateo Kovacic - Gold Card - BPL- Chelsea 
  3. Presnel Kimpembe - Gold Card - Ligue 1 - PSG
  4. Gianluigi Buffon - Gold Card - Serie A - Pimonte Calcio
  5. Quincy Promes - Gold Card - Eredivise - Ajax
  6. Eric Bailly - Gold Card - BPL - Manchester United
  7. Kévin Gameiro - Gold Card - La Liga - Valencia
  8. Ilkay Gündogan - Gold Card - BPL - Manchester City
  9. Thiago Thiago - Gold Card - Bundesliga - Bayern Munich 
  10. Jamie Vardy - Gold Card - BPL- Leicester City 
  11. Bernd Leno - Gold Card - BPL - Arsenal 
  12. Corentin Tolisso - Gold Card - Bundesliga - Bayern Munich 
  13. James Rodríguez - Gold Card - La Liga - Real Madrid
  14. Vinícius Júnior - Gold Card - La Lga - Real Madrid
  15. Arturo Vidal - Gold Card - La Liga - Barcalona
  16. Joe Gomez - Gold Card - BPL - Liverpool
  17. Mats Hummels - Gold Card - Bundesliga - Borussia Dortmund 
  18. Nabil Fekir- Gold Card - Ligue 1 - Lyon
  19. Wilfried Zaha - Gold Card - BPL - Crystal Palace
  20. Dalbert - Gold Card - Serie A - Inter Milan 
  21. Rodrigo - Gold Card - La Liga - Valancia
  22. Fabinho - Gold Card - BPL - Liverpool 
  23. Kostas Manolas - Gold Card - Serie A - Napoli 
  24. Anthony Martial - Gold Card - BPL - Manchester United 
  25. Marcus Rashford - Gold Card - BPL - Manchester United 
  26. Jordi Alba - Gold Card - La Liga - Barcalona 
  27. Samuel Umtiti - Gold Card - La Liga - Barcalona

Before you start sniping make sure you have between 10-15k to be able to buy enough cards to be able to see the profit.DO NOT USE PROFIT FROM COINS TO BUY PACKS! use the coins again to make even more profit. The sky is the limit!


Alternatives to make coins on FIFA?

You can do a few other things to be able to make coins on FIFA.
Bronze and Silver Packs due to SBC's a lot of silver and Bronze cards can sometimes go for silly amounts you can see it online people spend 750 coins on bronze pack and get a player worth 3k in that pack and already you have 2.2k profit from that 1 pack!! So a lot of coins to be made from Bronze and Silver packs if you want to risk it but the reward for risking it can be huge! 
Squad Battles competition runs from Sunday - Sunday and you get ranked and within each rank you get rewards. Did you know that if you play a Squad battles game on Amateur skill level the AI won't tackle you so you could start a squad battle game score a goal get the ball back then just leave the rest of the game to play out and you will get between 600 - 700 squad battle points for getting the win, this works no matter how good the team you are facing is! Easy Money and packs to earn each week.
Bronze upgrade method very simple method but can be very time-consuming but again can pay out in a huge way if you are lucky open bronze packs to get bronze players then put the bronze players into a silver upgrade pack which will then give you silver players which you can then put into gold upgrade pack and once you have done that you can use the gold cards to complete SBC to get rewarded with great packs which hopefully give you some great cards.



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