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FIFA 20 Weekend League Tips

FIFA 20 Weekend League Tips

Learn what you can do with playing FIFA 20 Weekend League with the tips offered in this tutorial for winning more games and more FUT Coins.

So, the weekend is here, you have packed your room with snacks, you have your setup ready, and you are fully prepared for an epic showdown of FIFA 20 weekend league. The most condensed event with talent, giving you a chance to compete against the best of the best from all over the globe. All that is left is for you to read through this piece for some epic tips to help you make the most of this weekend. Play your hat off and enjoy this weekend like this was the last weekend of your extremely rad life. So, are ya ready guys?


FIFA Weekend League Tips:

As one of the most popular features of FIFA 20 FUTs, this event allows the players to compete online for awards of various tiers. The goal? To win as many of the 30 matches you can play as possible. This is the real deal and a test of expertise. Players get to play against players of unparalleled skill level, where every game is a truly unique and learning experience. Follow the given tips and play to have fun.

  • The first tip is to ‘play as much as you can’. That doesn’t mean to push yourself to the extent of exhaustion. Read it again, play as much as you can, only. Forcing yourself to play when you are not feeling like it is only going to result in exhaustion and you may probably lose more matches than you are actually going to win. So schedule your weekends evenly and make room for everything important so you win lots of FUT Coins.
  • The next tip is to start your preparations beforehand. Before the week, building the best possible team your budget will allow for. Done? Now play a few games and make yourself familiar with the team. Their strengths and weaknesses.
  • A lot is at stake, so get focused. Before you sit down to play, keep your mind empty and free of distractions. You are one with the game. In fact, you are the game. Our advice is to inform your family, friends and roommates, and even neighbours that you have your weekend planned and you are not available. Try to play alone and remove all potential sources of distraction (cell phone, children, your heart).
  • Try to remain calm as much as you can and avoid excessive consumption of sugar or nicotine. Having an energy drink is good, but having a few every hour is not good for your health or your state of mind. Also, don’t forget to take a break. This is a strenuous activity, and you can easily stress up your mind and put your body under a lot of strain.
  • For a few technical tips, try patching, use decoy runners, try to mix things up and be unpredictable, be aware of the champions channel, use loan players, master timed finishing, and fill up your squad with super subs.

Again, you are playing to have fun, so try to have it. Things may get a bit tough and they may not progress as you have planned, don’t be a rage quitter. This is the contest of the champions, so act like it, kick up your game and score a GOALLL!!!!