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How to Get Best FC 24 Kits

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Author Nick Rutherford
15 May 2024 FIFA Blog Posts

How to Get Best FC 24 Kits

Elevate your FC 24 style game! Learn how to snag the best kits on MrGeek's blog. Dress your team for victory!

  • EA FC 24 Kits
  • Best FC 24 Kits
  • How to get FC 24 Kits for Free
  •  How to change different kits during matches in EA Sports FC
  • Conclusion
  • SL Benfica (away kit)
  • Venezia (home kit)
  • Aberdeen (away kit)
  • Real Madrid (third kit)
  • Mexico (away kit)
  • Netherlands (home kit)
  • Chelsea (home kit)
  • Manchester City (third kit)

EA FC 24 Kits

FC 24 Kits are actually special clothes for each team. in EA Sports FC 24's Ultimate Team mode, the kits are designed for visual customization. They enable players to personalize their team's look with a range of kits that symbolize different clubs, adding a touch of style and individuality to the game experience. Every club featured in the game is equipped with a mandatory home kit and an away kit, while select renowned clubs also present an optional third kit for further variety. Players select these kits for their vibrant colors, distinctive patterns, and associated sponsors, which serve to enhance the visual appeal without impacting the actual gameplay. The choice of kits is often influenced by personal preference for certain real-life clubs or the allure of their contemporary and stylish designs.
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Best FC 24 Kits

Choosing the perfect kit for your club from the extensive collection of over 1,500 available in the game, each with its own unique color, pattern, and sponsor, can be quite the endeavor. Should you have a particular kit in mind, simply navigate to the transfer market and apply a filter for the desired club to streamline your search. Kits are designed for mobile and for different consoles, including PS4, PS5, etc., and improve the quality of the game.
In EA Sports FC 24 on the PS5, the array of kits available plays a crucial role in enhancing the game's sense of realism and authenticity. The game features an extensive selection of kits, encompassing all the Premier League teams. Exclusive partnerships, such as the one with NIKE x EA SPORTS FC™, result in the creation of distinctive kits that infuse a novel and creative twist to the game's football fashion.
Below we will introduce EA Sports FC best kits, so don’t miss them.

SL Benfica (away kit)

The Benfica away kit for the current season is a testament to the club's global reach and its power to unite. Its design embodies a spirit that knows no limits, be they physical, chronological, or of any other nature. Featuring five unique stripes representing the five continents, the kit honors the myriads of Benfica supporters globally who loyally back, track, and bolster the club's prestige. It's truly an exceptional kit!

Venezia (home kit)

Venezia's jerseys have captured the imagination of fans worldwide. Kappa has crafted kits that evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the iconic shirt designs of the 90s. The bold black base of the jersey sets the stage for the golden badge and trimmings, while the dynamic green and orange stripes cascade down the front, adding an enthralling splash of color. For those seeking a throwback aesthetic, these kits are the ideal choice. In EA FC 24, they stand out as they lack a sponsor logo, instead featuring the club's striking badge. It's common for Venezia kits to be in short supply at the beginning of FIFA/EA FC games, and they often remain elusive even as the season progresses, making them a prized find. Fortunately, these kits are relatively affordable, priced at just 5,000 FUT 24 Coins.


Veniza Home Kit


Aberdeen (away kit)

The "Northern Lights kit," with its striking design featuring vivid, undulating lines on a dark background, is set to capture the hearts of Ultimate Team fans. Its distinctive style is truly remarkable! This kit price is affordable and is about 5000 FIFA Coins.



Real Madrid (third kit)

Indeed, there's a certain allure to kits that boast a sleek and minimalist design, especially when they radiate sophistication. This particular kit meets every criterion, lending a touch of distinction to your club. It’s the perfect selection for those who appreciate elegant and understated designs. you can never go wrong with the full-white kit from Real Madrid.

Mexico (away kit)

The kits of the Mexican national team are consistently notable for their impressive designs, and the latest iteration is no exception. It boasts a distinctive pattern adorned with Mayan motifs and sports an alternative badge, diverging from their traditional emblem. Mirroring the Real Madrid kit, it also displays Adidas's signature three stripes and the iconic logo prominently on the chest. Adidas has skillfully integrated elements of Mixtec art and Aztec gods into the Mexico away jersey, channeling the powerful essence that embodies soccer supremacy. The intricate design features a prominent symbol of Quetzalcoatl's serpentine form, symbolizing the zenith of athletic excellence.



Netherlands (home kit)

We must admit, there's something irresistibly appealing about kits that forgo sponsors, a trait commonly found in national team jerseys. Among these, the Netherlands kits stand out for us. Their striking orange hue commands attention, the intricate details are a visual delight, and the singular color scheme exudes a bold simplicity we can't help but admire. this affection isn't fleeting—it's a deep-seated passion. The sight of Dutch supporters filling the stands, donned in these vibrant jerseys, is a powerful reminder of the enchanting allure of football. It's a vivid display of unity and spirit that captures the essence of the sport's magnetic charm.

Chelsea (home kit)

The FC community holds this kit in high regard, and it's clear to see its appeal. The newest home kit for Stamford Bridge stands out boldly. In club football, where jerseys typically feature sponsors, this sponsor-free blue Nike kit is a refreshing change, offering a design that's both tastefully minimalist and sophisticatedly simple.



Manchester City (third kit)

The jersey features a bold aquatic lightning bolt design on a dark background, standing out against the coral-colored Puma logo, crest, and sponsor. The pattern reflects the team's fast-paced and vibrant style, creating an exciting atmosphere for fans, players, and staff alike.


Manchester City Kit

Having explored some of the standout kits in FIFA 24, let's delve into the how to get fc 24 kits.

How to get FC 24 Kits for Free

To acquire the EA FUT Kit For free, simply follow these steps:

  • Build an Ultimate Team that includes a minimum of three Dutch players.
  • Win 1 game in any Ultimate Team game mode.
  • Retrieve your kit from the FC Pro Teams Objectives section.

 How to change different kits during matches in EA Sports FC

To switch between different kits during matches in EA Sports FC 24, you'll typically do this before the match starts. Here's a general guide on how to do it:

  • Go to the Ultimate Team mode from the main menu.
  • Select the Squad option where you can manage your team.
  • Navigate to the Club tab.
  • Here, you should see your Active Kits. You can select your home and away kits, and if available, your third kit.
  • To change a kit, select it and you'll be presented with your collection of kits to choose from.
  • Pick the kit you want to use and confirm your selection.
  • Remember, the process may vary slightly depending on the platform you're playing on, but these steps should guide you through the basic process.



EA Sports FC revolutionizes the Ultimate Team mode with a vast array of kits, allowing players to customize their team's appearance with over 1,500 unique designs. These kits, which are essential for both home and away games, are chosen for their vibrant colors, distinctive patterns, and sponsors, adding style without affecting gameplay. The blog highlights the importance of EA FC Coins for acquiring top kits and recommends for purchasing them at competitive prices. It also showcases standout kits like the Benfica away kit, which symbolizes global unity, and the sponsor-free Venezia home kit, which is a nod to the 90s. The blog further details how to obtain kits through in-game objectives and provides a guide for changing kits before matches, enhancing the game's realism and authenticity on platforms like PS5. The kits not only reflect the clubs' heritage but also the players' personal tastes, making the selection a significant aspect of the gaming experience.