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How To Get Messi in FC 24

How To Get Messi in FC 24

Build your dream team in FC24 and aim for stars like Lionel Messi. Master the game with strategic insight to recruit Messi and dominate the pitch.

In the world of virtual football, FC24 ultimate team is the best place for building dream teams. Almost all gamers dream of having stars like Lionel Messi in their team, but Messi's presence in FC fut requires strategy and skill.

Understanding FC24 Gameplay to Get Messi

To begin your pursuit of Messi, it's crucial to understand the fundamentals of FC24. Get comfortable with the interface, explore the nuances of player management, and dive into the strategic layers that make FC24 unique. Mastery over formations, tactics, and player dynamics is the foundation for a triumphant campaign to sign Messi and conquer the virtual pitch.

The Step-by-Step Process to get Messi in FC 24

Collect FC Coins or FC Points

Earn in-game currency through gameplay, challenges, or purchases. EA Ultimate Team Coins are the lifeblood for assembling a top-tier squad, especially when aiming to recruit stars like Messi. MrGeek, known for being a Safe FIFA Coins shop, provides a fast and legitimate method to enhance your EA FC 24 Coins reserves, giving you a competitive advantage.



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Check transfer market

Navigate to the Transfer Market in FC 24 because Messi can be obtained through: Transfer Market, Packs and Squad Building Challenges (SBCs)


  • Monitor the transfer market for Messi's card, which will likely be expensive due to his high ratings and popularity.
  • Opening packs might reward you with Messi's card, though it's a gamble and may require a substantial investment. 
  • Engage in SBCs that might offer Messi as a reward, demanding strategic planning and efficient resource management.


Check Messi's Availability

Ensure Messi is available in the game. Currently, he's with Inter Miami CF in the MLS, where his high ratings and skills can significantly uplift your team's performance. Locate Messi using the player database search function.

Bid or Buy

If you're looking to add Lionel Messi to your FIFA 24 Ultimate Team, you have a couple of options at your disposal. You can participate in the auction house and place a competitive bid for Messi during the auction events. Keep a close eye on the market trends to make a timely and winning bid. Alternatively, if you've accumulated a substantial amount of FIFA 24 coins or FIFA 24 Points, you might consider purchasing him outright from the game's store or through direct player trades. This approach ensures that you secure Messi for your team without the uncertainty of auction bidding.



How to get messi in EA Sports Fc 24


Negotiate Contracts

Once you've secured Messi, negotiate a contract with him to finalize his transfer to your FC 24 Ultimate Team. securing Lionel Messi in FC 24 is a significant achievement for any fFIFA Ultimate Team.

Add Lionel Messi to Your Squad

After successfully completing the transfer, add Messi to your FC 24 squad and enjoy the game with your dream ea sports fc player. Make the most of Messi's skills and abilities in matches to enhance your team's performance and achieve success.

Effective use of Messi

Positioning: Deploy Messi as a central forward to leverage his finishing and playmaking prowess.

  • Chemistry: Enhance Messi's performance by building team chemistry with players from the same league or nation.
  • Tactics: Tailor your team's tactics to accentuate Messi's strengths, focusing on quick passing and his exceptional dribbling to outmaneuver defenses.



Integrating Lionel Messi into your EA Sports FC 24 team can transform your gameplay experience. By following these guidelines, you'll not only enjoy Messi's virtual magic but also understand that success in FC 24 hinges on how well you incorporate such star players into your overall team strategy.