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Buy FIFA 20 Coins

What is a FIFA Coin? When you play online, there must be a virtual currency by which you can buy and sell items such as players or other items required to make your dream team. In FIFA 20, coins are used to serve this purpose.

FUT Coins are earned when you play matches online, or when you complete challenges or the times you sell an item in FIFA’s transfer section. However, sometimes, earning coins becomes really difficult for those who want to be in charge and progress quicker than usual. This is where buying FIFA Coins comes into play.

To buy FIFA 20 coins, you must:

  • Have an EA account
  • Find a reliable and secure FIFA coins transfer platform
  • Request for FIFA 20 coin transfer
  • Pay the coin transfer fees
  • And enjoy your new Fifa coins!

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Mr. Geek is one of the best platforms that provide super-fast FIFA-20 coins transfer. And of course, there are a lot of questions that might concern you at first, such as the risks and problems in FIFA20 coin transfering, or how long will the transfer take, etc.; that’s why we encourage you to have a look at our FAQ section, where lots of those questions are answered. And yet, if you can’t find your answers regarding how to sell or how to buy FIFA coins, Mr. Geek’s live support is 24/7 available to help.