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How to Get a Lot of Coins in FIFA 20

How to Get a Lot of Coins in FIFA 20

Making FIFA Coins is painfully difficult but with these tips by MrGeek, you'll get a FIFA Coins boost while playing SBC's.

Building your desired FUT team is the dream of every FIFA 20 player. With top tier players like Messi and Ronaldo, you can do wonders in comparison to players with low tier players. But it all boils down to one thing, and that’s FIFA coins.

You see obtaining FIFA coins isn’t that easy of a task. You have to spend a lot of time playing the game in order to acquire enough coins that you can buy your desired players and packs. Today, we will discuss with you, a few genuine and legit methods to build your desired FIFA team by earning a lot of coins.


Unlock Coin Boost by Earning Seasonal XP

A player can earn XP by completing objectives, doing that, a player can reach higher levels on the prize ladder. There are some rewards on offer that are temporary Coin Boosts. Use these as a fantastic way of earning Coins quickly, thus, increasing the total earnings of each game by a significant amount.

Another way players can earn Coin Boosts is by completing specific objectives throughout FIFA 20 FUT, try to keep a lookout for these on a regular basis.


Squad Building Challenges

The feature was added to FUT a few years ago. This can help in acquiring special players along with fantastic packs and coin rewards. The best Squad Building Challenges for making an easy profit are the ones that you can complete with either unwanted players in your club or those who will cost you a few coins to complete.

There are a lot of these challenges available as new Squad Building Challenges (SBC's) are being added on a regular basis. To take a good and easy start, make try to complete the Basic Squad Building Challenges to get easy rewards.


Objectives, Foundations, and Milestones

The new Seasons Objectives feature in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team has brought plenty of challenges and tasks to complete throughout the entire mode. By the use of Season Objectives, a player can take part in dedicated tasks like playing certain modes (this include daily and weekly objectives). Aside from objectives, Milestones have to do with playing a certain number of games, and playing Foundations help a player in learning the basics of FIFA FUT 20.


Play The Transfer Market

The most popular method we have seen thus far. You can find plenty of videos or blogs dedicated to it than any other method. This method is quite risky too. For if your activity is detected to be against the regulations of EA, you are welcoming the risk of losing your FIFA coins, having your whole team wiped clean or getting your account banned.

Using the right tactics, strategies, and observing the trends of the Transfer Market, you can easily make a fortune for yourself. It’s more of a mind game really. By using methods like sniping or mass-bidding, you can add to your FUT coins easily.

We recommend all our readers to use only legal methods for obtaining FIFA coins, try not to get yourself banned because it is not worth a few coins to be banned from playing this marvelous game.